Worship Textfessional Sept. 3rd

Yeah, so the 1st regular thing I had going for me here that landed me so many of you guys: the Worship Confessional has been abandoned lately. Here are my excuses:

  1. I lost our camera – yes I’m a dufus and I have no clue where it is. So I physically have no way to record my rambling thoughts if I wanted to.
  2. The whole Youth vs. Worship dealio – my mind lately has been full throttle youth thus not lending my attention to worship stuff.

However, I still am the Worship Pastor for River Community and there are still worship leaders here in this community so I’ll proceed with some Textfessionals until I can truly cross over to the light and purchase my new Mac 🙂

We’ll start with a quick one because I was actually out of town this weekend on a Middle School Youth Retreat and a great buddy of mine filled in for me. I’ll give you what I know:

  1. My glorious – the Tomliny way – A? (This song’s key is confusing but I think it’s A.)
  2. All we need – Hall – G
  3. Jesus lover of my soul/It’s all about You
  4. Amazing Grace
  5. When my heart runs dry – Redman – as a special to set up the sermon
  6. Lead me to the cross – United – I believe a whole step higher than recorded

The comment I have is this: pace yourself. This was a rough week for the team. A new worship leader leading, new worship leader wants to do a new song and a new rendition of a familiar song, it’s ‘time’ to redo a ‘new’ song to the congregation (slightly familiar to the band), and pastor wants a special song = another new song.

All that, from what I observed at practice Thursday night, inhibited the groove from settling in.  What is the groove you ask? It’s harmony, tranquility, and magic! HA. Seriously, it’s the settling of the band that regardless of what the CD sounds like (that’s our goal) we must accomplish the groove so that we’re all in sync with one another. Can you sound great and do well without it? Sure, but man when you get into the groove you don’t want anything else.

So, not entirely anyone’s fault. Lesson learned: Pacing is good!

Sorry for all the text. Solution coming soon 🙂


2 Responses to “Worship Textfessional Sept. 3rd”

  1. September 5, 2007 at 11:59 am

    wow i do all we need in E…

    ah the groove…very important..pacing is very very good

    I love lead me to the cross

  2. September 6, 2007 at 3:22 pm

    “the groooooove” (imagine me mimicking the old man in the cartoon version of “The Emperor’s New Groove”)

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