Remedy Previewed

So not only do we have a new David Crowder*Band ecard but it’s got clips of the new material! WOOHOO! I’m totally stoked but kind of hoping that this is just a taste of things to come:

  1. The glory of it all – Will it be as exciting as hearing the studio mix of Everything glorious?!?! I hope so. I love this tune!
  2. Can you feel it? – Raucous and We Winish almost!
  3. Everything glorious – The 1st single! Love what they did to add on to the live release.
  4. …neverending… – Fun, fun, fun! If I’m not mistaken, this was the debut of the Guitar Hero guitar.
  5. You never let go – I LOVE this song! They played it at Thirsty and I was enamored by it!
  6. O, for a thousand tongues to sing – WOOHOO! If you missed this live version from Passion ’07 and missed it again on the short-lived streaming videos then you are in for a treat! Reminscent of what they did with Heaven Came Down! Another beautifully fresh revamp of a hymn!
  7. Rain down – We’re going old skool here 🙂 Which is great because this is one of my first Crowder faves! Simple.
  8. We won’t be quiet – Should be a crowd fav. Sounds like a good chanting youth song.
  9. Remedy – This will probably the first one that River does. This is hands down my favorite. If you missed the video I have of it. Go check it out. Beautiful, powerful, amazing!
  10. Surely we can change

Oh, the excitement builds! It’s funny 14 tracks from Hillsongs seemed like a whooping but only 10 tracks of Crowder seems like merely an appetizer.


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