Chips AHOY

Chips Ahoy
Apparently, my favorite cookie not only is divinely delicious but works as well as Novocaine and quicker than tying a shoe string to a door knob and slamming it shut!

I’ve had this broken wisdom tooth now for probably a year that I’ve been meaning to get pulled. It doesn’t hurt anymore so of course I put it off. However, after a couple cookies tonight I feel my gums with my tongue instead of the tooth! YEAH! FREAKY! I now have only 2 sides left of that tooth and this big whole in the middle! If I can get a picture I will because it’s hilarious! The gross thing is that I must have swallowed it but I didn’t feel anything? Think enamel makes good protein?!?! HAHAHAHA!

Ugh, this is going to make for an awful dentist appointment!


2 Responses to “Chips AHOY”

  1. September 12, 2007 at 10:45 am

    thats going to smart coming out!

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