Worship Textfessional Sept 16th

So the video fell through.

2 things learned from this weekend that I’d like to share:

1. Work what the good Lord gave you! I have been blessed with some wildly talented musicians that go to our church. However, if I am not careful, I can easily fall into a rut of guitar heavy yummy goodness if I’m not careful. This previous Sunday my lead guitarist was going to be out of town. I had 2 options: A) Get another guitarist, easy enough. That would be quick and painless. B) Confirm this wicked piano player who goes to our church but because of involvement in our children’s ministry and having a busy personal life he rarely plays. I chose B! And WOW it was amazing!
It was a bit of a mind bender choosing songs that weeks. I made sure none of them had heavy guitar riffs or solos in them that would seem awkward for us to chop them out. The sheer presence of the Korg Triton was wickedly sweet! He ‘explored the space’ as they say! And when he started off the piano riff for “This is Our God” I got so giddy, I couldn’t sing the 1st chorus I was just overwhelmed!

It’s odd how much of a difference that incremental shift made that morning! We still had guitars, I played electric and acoustic, but the vibe was different and refreshing and we received TONS of positive feedback.

2. Print LARGE clear Orders of Worship for your musicians! Typically, I only have 1 Order of Worship that I post here. If you noticed my setlist I posted earlier there were 2.

9:00 – All goes well

10:45 – Awesome is the Lord goes great! Drums count us in for Beautiful One and we start all in together! I say something to transition us and hear the click start and my brain goes something like: “Oh wow, Justin’s starting this one differently! I like it…” Then panic sets in! I dart over at Justin who is hunched over in the groove to All Creatures 2, which he also starts!
For 1.2 seconds my brain does this shuffle of: CUT HIM OFF AND ADMIT OUR MISTAKE or Go with the flow?!?!? I decided to go with it and threw the Strat down and nabbed my Acoustic with lightning quick reflexes and BOOM we’re into All Creatures!
I don’t think anyone noticed but my mind was out the entire song trying to figure out how to work back in Beautiful One. I knew I wanted to definitely do This is Our God next so when we finish All Creatures I look to the pianist and mouth: “YES THIS IS OUR GOD” only to notice he’s mouthing to me: “BEAUTIFUL ONE?!?!”
PANIC ENSUES! What’s he going to start?!?! Well he went with This is Our God miraculously and again my brain is gone for the song. We finish and I’m thinking that we just missed out on singing one of our congregations favorite songs. We conclude and I’m playing underneath our pastor’s prayer looking to my drummer and he’s giving me the you have the right to slay me a thousand horrible deaths after this look and then it changes to the hey your missing something here turn around look. I then hear that our pastor’s prayer is basically the lyrics to Beautiful One. He’s praying: Our soul’s MUST CRY OUT and WORSHIP you Lord!
PANIC ENSUES! He’s giving us a transition and opportunity to play Beautiful One but I’m still playing lightly under him with my acoustic when I need my electric!!! I ring out a nice long last chord and BLAMO lightning quick reflexes swap out guitars: AMEN – 4 count – BOOM – we’re off and running into Beautiful One…without Bass and Keys. They were actually praying during that prayer with their eyes closed and were oblivious to the whole thing! The pros they are, they waited to an appropriate time and made a grand entrance like they were supposed to come in there!

After all that, not a soul knew what happened at 10:45 except us in the band and on the tech crew! I got more feedback this past Sunday than I have in a while. My pastor and team and I haven’t laughed this much after a service ever! While I didn’t have a whole lot of personal worship at 10:45, other’s did and were led to praise Him and that’s one more example of how much bigger God is than all my planning and preconceived notions 🙂

…but I am doubling my font on my Orders of Worship from now on…


4 Responses to “Worship Textfessional Sept 16th”

  1. September 20, 2007 at 7:19 am

    Hey man,
    Really enjoyed seeing this … PANIC … it happens to us all, doesn’t it .. and sometimes, it has a snowball affect!

    God bless ya,

  2. September 20, 2007 at 7:17 pm

    ha ha…great great confessional…Panic…happens often in my services as well

  3. 3 David May
    September 21, 2007 at 7:28 pm

    Wow! Cool that it worked out anyways! I too make large print songlists. It started with just our drummer, but after the band saw it, they all wanted one. I remember one time back when I was on drums, and we were supposed to start a slower song, maybe it was “Extravagant.” I thought we were doing “Every Move I Make,” which started with a drum groove. Unlike your situation, that didn’t work out so well. Everyone just looked back at me like I was crazy. So I thought, “They weren’t ready, maybe I can start again and they’ll come in…” WRONG! Lol!

  4. September 25, 2007 at 2:23 pm

    Haha – very awesome. Would have loved to have see the looks on the faces of your musicians. But I’m sure nobody noticed a thing! 🙂

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