Matt Hughes hits with the Bible…not his fists!

Matt Hughes

That’s right, a new season of The Ultimate Fighter started 2 weeks ago. This time around it’s country boy all American Matt Hughes and potty mouth Matt Serra as the coaches of a Welterweight division of contestants to be the next Ultimate Fighter. I’m a huge fan of Hughes from the first time he was a coach with Rich Franklin a few years back. What I saw of Serra 2 seasons ago totally turned me off and so far this season he’s been just as disgusting. However it was the handing out of NIV Study Bibles this past week that was even more intriguing than the fight!

Before practice one afternoon Hughes passes out NIV Study Bibles to his team and encourages them to read the book of Esther. It’s not required but highly recommended. He promises an interesting story and asks them to think about what they’ve read and who Hughes would be in the story. WHAT IN THE WORLD! Rae and I were totally confused. You know it’s crazy because these first 2 episodes have been filled with Serra constantly talking smack about Hughes and who he is and what he is and on and on all the while just as filthy and disgusting as possible. However, all we’ve seen of Hughes has been a gentleman’s handshake and politeness. It’s been weird because I’ve always like him a ton but was beginning to rethink things because of Serra’s bashing. Turns out Serra’s the rotten piece of trash and Hughes is just above all that!

I trucked on over to Hughes’ personal site and was thrown for such a loop! His banner even quotes Philippians 4:13 in the logo! He totally addresses the Bible passing out incident in his personal journal. If they’d never read a Bible then an introduction to it was first off a great reason! Furthermore, the guys are taken away from ‘real life’ when they sign up with no email, cell phones, TV, magazines, books, anything but fighting; however, Hughes was able to get “production” to agree to give them all Bibles! Way to go Hughes! But it doesn’t even stop there! His bio is made up also of his personal testimony. It’s beautiful and inspiring! Completely hitting the nail on the head of the new blog I’ve recently made a ton of new friends with: AC180! Totally unexpected from someone who makes a living in a profession where his greatest assets are “powerful ground and pound!” HAHAHA!

I mean here’s a guy surrounded by violence, scantily clad women, profanity, egos, and more and actually has a bearing on what’s most meaningful in his life. Think what you will of the ‘sport’ but I find it terribly uplifting! I do NOT however want to uplift Matt Hughes and now label him a “Christian Mixed Martial Artist.” I do however want to celebrate his honesty and apparent brazen approach to his faith!

Way to go Matt, and lay a righteous stomping on Serra at season’s close!!


4 Responses to “Matt Hughes hits with the Bible…not his fists!”

  1. September 29, 2007 at 10:31 pm

    Yeah that’s freaking awesome. I never watch TV, but if we lived in the same town man I’d have to come over to your house to watch some UFC.

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