Worship Textfessional Sept 30th

  • Woah…woah…woah…what happened to Worship Textfessional Sept 23rd??? All we got was some twisted bizarre poll thingy?!?!
  • Yeah I know and the answers and results to that have been interesting so thank you very much. I’m compiling a response to that as well as a Textfessional as we speak but until then:

This week was weird.

  1. Famous One – Tomlin – G
  2. The Solid Rock – Hall’s version – E
  3. In Christ Alone – Matt Papa’s version – G maybe?
  4. You Never Let Go – Redman’s studio version – A
  5. Here I am to Worship – after communion done in E

This week was a bit older and was nice. Some fun stuff regarding the band happened, a good friend of ours came over to play guitar and sing and so I played electric the entire time. That was unique and interesting in itself. I was really moody and introspective this week and took it upon myself to do some out of the ordinary things electrically that was never intended to be a knock on my incredible guitarist Jim and I don’t think he took it that way either b/c he’s the utmost coolest šŸ™‚ but I tried my hand at a few lead licks!

Famous One and In Christ Alone both have lead parts to them and it was fun tap dancing and emulating these parts. Again, the thickness of 3 guitars is just amazing. I now want nothing more than 3 guitars every Sunday! That would be the most ideal situation!

  1. Acoustic rhythm
  2. Electric rhythm
  3. Electric lead

Makes my mouth water at the thought of it šŸ™‚

What I didn’t realize, until it was far too late, was that Famous One and Solid Rock are basically the same beat and tempo. My drummer and I chuckled embarrassingly about this afterwards. It’s like we’re playing the same song 2x in a row but with different words. That seems to happen alot in 4/4 time signatures I would imagine because like 80% of songs are in 4/4; however, having those two songs in 3/4 back to back was a whoopin’. I just wonder if any non-musical individual felt that repetition as well?

I had a lot of fun with You Never Let Go. The studio mix is real ethereal and ambient and since I didn’t have a keyboardist this week that made for some interesting sounds.Ā  I slapped on the tremolo, chorus, and tapped in a delay setting and rode through this 1st verse with it building upon one another. A cool enough sound that I’m thinking of putting a video up of it!! Then for a change up, I took off the tremolo for the pre-chorus. During the last line of the pre-ch I tapped off the chorus effect and then delay and readied the Tube Screamer for some yumminess explosion in the chorus!

My mind was working overtime this weekend but I think it went really well šŸ™‚

It was great having Billy in to play with us. There’s this debate about who to have on your worship team that pops up everywhere. This is a bit different. Billy is a Christian who plays and sometimes leads worship at the church who planted us. He knows many of the musicians as well as people in our church. Our church is actually probably more suited for he and his wife but we’re way out in Pville and they’re downtown Baton Rouge. Once a month though Billy has given his time to come over with us and play and it’s just amazing! I love having other musicians in with us to lend some of their style and energy and newness to what we’re doing. Plus, it’s an amazing example of WHO the church is and not WHAT the church is!


1 Response to “Worship Textfessional Sept 30th”

  1. October 1, 2007 at 8:36 pm

    wow…sounds like a killer service…and 3 guitars..Im jealous.

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