LA Ink got Ragamuffined!


Oh wow. The last 15 minutes of tonight’s L.A. Ink were the raddest minutes of inking I’ve seen on the show so far! Yeah, it was because here’s this dude that’s spawned this blogging revolution for me and many of you, I had the opportunity to call in on his incredibly fun Soulcasts, and now has the sickest sleeve I’ve seen! Oh wait, that’s not even the highlight! They actually let him tell his stories! Not to knock anyone else’s stories of their tattoos of their cat or something like that but here is Los actually sharing the gospel and this incredible story of his life! AMAZING!

As if the story of Paul’s conversion isn’t amazing enough! He gets to tell the whole thing: Saul a persecutor of Christians meeting God in the middle of the road and going blind for like 3 day! A turning point in his life that leads him to living out for Christ!

But oh we don’t stop there! What an honest story from a pastor that we don’t hear all too often. Church getting in the way of family??? It was just a great honest testament that was wonderful to actually hear and see unfold! It got a bit thick here in the Byrd household because we went through a similar reality check in our marriage. We didn’t celebrate our 1 year anniversary because I planned a new service to start on the exact same weekend. Then if I couldn’t work long enough and hard enough working trying to work my way up the corporate ladder at Bank One, my spare time was spent volunteering and leading worship at our church.  Hey when it’s for God it can’t be wrong!…Right? Man that was an awful wake-up call but one I’m glad I had. I just wish I lived in LA or Miami to get a wicked sweet tatt to remember it with! HAHAHA.

Apparently YOU watched it as well! What’d you think?


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