Teeth Xray

Tomorrow morning I’m going under to get my wisdom teeth pulled from the left side of my mouth. If you missed the story of me breaking my tooth you can catch it here.

So tonight and tomorrow morning before the surgery I’ll be getting doped up on Valium! Kind of freaky, I’ve never done that before. But don’t be a stranger. I’m setting up some posts to drop over the next 2 days and apparently I’ll be laid up in bed anyway and I’d rather blog than watch daytime junk on TV.


1 Response to “Valiummmmm…”

  1. October 8, 2007 at 2:25 pm

    DUDE…u betta have somebody drive ya happy self over there and back!!! and I say happy self because you will be playing with the pretty lil butterflies flying around your dome like a kid!! it shall be an experience bro…

    and don’t underestimate those bad boys…if they r like mine, they will kick in within about 30 mins, leaving Rae to assist ya into the office!! hahaha

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