Operation Extraction 1.1

I’m feeling a bit heavy this morning. Probably b/c of sleeping like a rock after my 1st round of meds. I suppose they give that to you so you get a good night’s rest before the surgery and don’t stay up anxious about what’s about to happen.

I know this is a standard surgery. I’m just not a huge fan of ‘going under’ and all that. I’ve been to the hospital like 3 times.

  1. For my deviated septum surgery
  2. On the way home from my final check up of my deviated septum surgery from a head on collision
  3. The birth of my daughter

So if you could keep me in your prayers this morning. That all goes well. I have a quick recovery. And my wife doesn’t go crazy caring for me and our 2 year old 🙂

Thanks everyone!


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