Thumbs Up/Down – Videos Galore!

I’ve fallen into this DEEP rut of Alter Bridge and Foo Fighters! I peek my head out to breath in some Remedy and to Chase this Light with Crowder and Jimmy. I may even Collect my Soul for a second or 2 but then I’m back in the mix with echoes and blackbirds. So, since I’m consumed, I don’t have anything brand new for you. I do have some tasty videos with thumbs UP if your interested however:

Short of this video confirming my desire to keep my hair long all it does is piss me off that they’re not coming to Louisiana this time around. A gritty raw video that obviously didn’t cost much but has me jonesing for road trip to catch them live!

I PROMISE YOU: You won’t be able to watch this video and not be tapping something/bobbing your head/or moving your foot! Jimmy Eat World scores a JACKPOT with this one for me!

Finally there’s Paramore! Para-WHO?!?! Yeah I know. My inner-kid LOVES this band! What excites me so much about it is the fact that these kids actually pull off a great live performance! I mean I’ve seen Fall Out Boy and some of those jokesters and they’ve had double the exposure, more live gigs, and still can’t pull off a show like Paramore! It’s exciting seeing a young band like this take some pride in their music! This is one of their songs from a half hour live show on MTV:


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