Appetite for Construction Tour Pt. 3 – Switchfoot

Jon in lights  Cell phones Into the crowd

Pose Chaos  Jon encore

For more on the bottom 3 pics see the end. 

Honestly, it was kind of hard to tell who the crowd was gathered to see. I suppose that’s the problem with an all ages show marketed by Christian radio. Droves of underage students show up for their first show. They were probably there for Relient K. I’d seen Switchfoot live before and own their live DVD! Rae and I knew who we were there to see!

The SoCal boys did NOT disappoint! I only wish I had kept track of their setlist like I did for Crowder. They basically did all the hits off their recognizable CDs. (Unfortunately, no Chem6A for us oldies!) The thing that blows me away about Switchfoot is not that they flawlessly nail down all their studio work, the band’s incredible energy and chemistry on stage, nor Jon’s infectious connection with the audience, but it’s all the little live transition fun that they somehow put together for the tour! I suppose when you know you’ve got a tour coming up that you’ll play for so many months you can work on putting together wicked cool intro/outros that connect between songs and build momentum and anticipation in the crowd! I LOVE that!

One of the funniest moments of the night was Switchfoots own mashup of Gone and Beyonce’s something or other. Jon came out and said they’d heard many people do this before and that they wanted to have a go at it. They began in the riff of Beyonce’s tune with Mr. Shirley ripping the song’s riff on the guitar. It was hilarious! They went right into Gone and then back and forth into Beyonce’s riff for the bridge and such!

One of the most captivating moments of the night was during (this is killing me that I can’t exactly remember but I think it was…) On Fire. Jon walks off stage and comes back with one of those lighted tubes of Christmas lights. (See pic above.) Walks way out on the floor and then up into the stands. It was insane! He finishes the song up there and chit chats with those around them. Then, it must have been Awakening that he started there with the crowd yelling the “WOAA OH OH OOOO!s” He then raced back up to the front to sing the song! It’s that kind of stuff that is just cool to see this big band connecting with the audience.

Finally, my most favoritest moment was in the middle of We Are One Tonight. Already, it was one of my favorite songs off Nothing is Sound. Well, they slow down, down down in the middle of it and riff into Shadow Proves the Sunshine! HAIRS STAND UP ON MY ARMS AND NECK! Then back into We Are One. Man, these guys are pros! It was stellar!

The only downer is that they have so many great songs they couldn’t put them all in to one concert! I’m still pleased and loved Ruth and Relient K but I could have listened to Switchfoot for 2 hours and been pleased.

Bottom row of pics:

1) In the middle of one of the songs the band simply froze for like an eternity! Seriously, like a solid 60 seconds in the middle of this rocking tune they just stopped and struck this pose! Then all of a sudden just busted right back in to the song! Hilarious and awesome!

2) I can’t believe I didn’t mention this before. In the middle of another rockin’ freakin’ slammin’ tune, Jon jumped up onto the drum riser and stole this extra cymbal stand! They busted into this instrumental crazy ridiculous bridge and he began spinning uncontrollably around the stage 360 degrees and banging the bejeezums out of it! I mean one slip and that cymbal would have been tossed into the crowd and stabbed some poor fan in the jugular or take out some of their insane gear! I don’t care how dangerous it again was AWESOME AND HILARIOUS!

3) From 100 MPH down to nothing. Jon came back out for the encore with just his acoustic. That single spotlight hit him and he began the most special version of Dare You to Move. It was nuts! As he made his way through it the band crept up on stage and blew out the ending into raucous energy! It was just stupid how great they made that song! The whole band gathered and bowed and thanked everyone for being so great!


1 Response to “Appetite for Construction Tour Pt. 3 – Switchfoot”

  1. November 5, 2007 at 11:34 pm

    I’ve seen SF a bunch of times, last time at HOB in SD. They put on the BEST shows EVER! And I have seen quite a few shows…

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