This Day in Music – Rebuild

Hey gang, today you can do alot with all the new music dropping. I really want to spotlight this new tune by Switchfoot. You won’t find it anywhere (that I know of) other than on their site at www.switchfoot.com.

It’s a tune that Jon wrote with Relient K’s front man Matt and like so many others are doing right now, YOU choose how much you want to donate to Habitat for Humanity…wait did I say that right? Yup! The song is free! If you choose to “buy” the song then your money will go to Habitat for Humanity. If not, then you can simply download a cool new tune from these 2 great musicians!

What was so wild about the concert I went to last week was that the bands took some time getting their hands dirty with Habitat here in Louisiana. As you may know, the guys are from Cali. They shared that night that they were so excited to be partnering with an organization that’s doing so much good. Here we’re rebuilding from a massive water attack, across the country from a massive fire attack. Jon invited the other 2 bands up on stage for a great big rock Kumbayah moment and performed the tune.

All 3

I hope you go check it out!


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