This Day in Music – United Live TONIGHT!

HillsongUnited All Of The Above

I’m so jacked! 3 “concerts” in 3 weeks! Wrapping up my 3 week fiesta nicely is a free night of worship from the United crew! United did a dirty trick and re-released All of the Above again but this time with a DVD, so despite already having it, looks like I’ll be buying it again. Plus, they have a new ‘Next Gen EP‘ available only online or in Australia that has some cool tracks that I’m hoping to pick up tonight! We already do two songs off the new CD and I’m really excited about hearing the actual artists’ live version. That’s always fun!

The only downside is that I’m afraid it’ll be obnoxiously over-crowded like last time. Healing Place Church is sponsoring it but because their sanctuary isn’t large enough to accomodate the largest Youth Band in the World they’ve teamed up again with the other mega-church in the area: Bethany. Unfortunately, their sanctuary isn’t large enough to accommodate a FREE night of United to everyone interested. Last year it was utter chaos. You now have the cities two largest youth groups getting in before anyone else (obviously filling up all the center front seats) and so many people that the volunteers staffing it get all antsy and crazy. I honestly was hoping they’d charge this time around or find a bigger venue. This isn’t the case so we’ll get their early and hope for the best!

I know you non-musicians are probably sick and tired of music talk by now but don’t worry it’s almost over 🙂

Anyone else in the Baton Rouge area coming?


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