Official Office Obsessiveness – The Deposition

Ping Pong

What an episode! I haven’t checked anywhere else online yet, I have only had the opportunity to watch it once so far (usually by the time I write these, I’ve finished my second time through) but I’m imagining this will spawn a love/hate response. For a comedy, even The Office, we were steep in uncomfortable, truly unfunny situations. I really liked the episode, what concerns me though is with the strike I’d really love a boisterous laugh out loud episode before I’m hit with reruns until this thing is resolved. However, let’s get in to it.

Being that this was an atypical episode, even for the Office, I really liked it. It was truly a Michael character building episode. This episode was all about us learning more about Michael Scott. It seems that following last week’s episode, Michael isn’t just a bumbling ball of idiocy and wild antics but that we’re learning Michael truly is an interesting human being and they’re doing a fine job (in my opinion) of creating some depth to this show. Honestly though, if you haven’t been watching The Office, I don’t know how you kept up. There was a ton of throwback references here.

Michael is pulled in for a deposition as Jan is suing the company for a wrongful termination. There are lawyers, Jan, lawyers, a ‘court reporter?!’, Ryan, lawyers, and a very distant Toby 🙂 Again, this is an episode that makes me so thankful I’m no longer the corporate jockey in the banking business. (Not that I was ever in a legal battle with my company!) The big laughs were really physical again. Michael and Toby! My goodness, this incredible, heartwarming connection of Toby trying to reach out Michael spoiled by Michael reverting back to 3rd grade and pushing his tray off the table was hysterical. Michael’s 1st reaction to Toby being involved in the deposition. Jim and Darrell! The new ping pong table in the wharehouse has spawned some rivalry between Jim and Darrell. Oh wait, did I say rivalry? That would actually be between Pam and Kelly! HA! I love this season’s Pam! She’s the ballsiest and coolest Pam yet! Her and Kelly’s banter was good but this whole plot line seemed trivial compared to the weight of Michael’s deposition. It was humorous but amidst the real story it almost seemed not to fit. Michael and Jan! Their witty banter back and forth and troublesome relationship interspersed with “I love you’s” and “Where do you want to go for dinner?” was hilarious and I don’t know if authentic is the right word or not but it definitely seems more real that comic relationships of the past like in Friends, even Seinfeld, etc.

Not too many quotes this week. From the cold opening:

mmm….Hi buddy…. – Michael

From the episode:

Delivery’s all wrong, she’s butchering it. – Michael

Line. – Michael
He asked for a line, like in a play. -Big guy at the end

umm…Could you make it eleven? – Toby

She was drinking alot….of water. – Michael

This week’s funniest moment was truly a tie between:

  • The Who’s on First-esque of That’s What She Said amidst the Deposition! Uncomfortable and genius!
  • Dwight vs. Mose Ping Pong flurry after work in the dark 🙂

So, did you love it or hate it? Am I off my rocker and need to watch it again?


4 Responses to “Official Office Obsessiveness – The Deposition”

  1. November 16, 2007 at 2:08 pm

    I have to say I was disappointed, I like you was hoping for a laugh out loud big ball of hilarity to send us off, I was all set with my Coca-Cola and pair of comfortable shorts to sit down and enjoy myself. I found myself feeling uncomfortable pity for Michael through most of the episode. I just wanted for all the uncomfortable parts to be over and get to the laughing…That’s what she said.

  2. 2 scoots
    November 17, 2007 at 8:30 am

    oh i loved it! in my opinion, if this writers strike was not looming i think you wouldn’t have skipped a beat. was it one of the best of the season, no. but never the less still one of the best comedies on tv.

    i think the whole pam and kelli thing was overplayed. the part i enjoyed the most of that series was when pam was leaving the restroom. and i totally agree, this seasons Pam is awesome!!!

    Now, i mentioned that this is one of the best comedies on TV, which is true, I have to insist that if you are not watching 30 Rock….
    You. Have. To. Start. Watching.

    30 Rock combines the un-comfortablenesses of The Office with a weird combination of characters and hilarious “laugh out loud, let me back up my Tivo, and did he really say that moments” – over and over. Between The Office and 30 Rock – this makes up one of the best hours of TV in my week!!!

    So – promise me, if you have not watched 30 Rock so far this season….watch the upcoming re-runs that are bound to start next week 😦

  3. November 17, 2007 at 11:00 am

    I loved the episode…it seemed like it was funny and clever again. A few episodes ago, I was wondering what happened. Seemed like all funny shows, after the second season things go down hill, but the office keeps pushing through!

  4. 4 Alexis
    March 8, 2008 at 8:06 pm

    i wasn’t blown away but the whole
    pushing the tray off the table thing
    and when kelly sang her version of Girlfriend by Avril Lavigne…”hey hey you you i don’t like your boyfriend cause cause cause cause cause he sucks at ping-pong”
    got a chuckle out of me.

    i was disappointed the other day when i came to the realization that there would be no christmas OR VALENTINE’S DAY!!! episode for jim and pam

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