Worship Pre-Textfessional Nov 25th

Today was…interesting.

  • Overslept by an hour and a half due to the incredible amazing power of Benadryl
  • My truck won’t start so I have to borrow my parent’s truck
  • The dog craps in her kennel a giant elephant turd (did I mention the kennel is inside?)
  • We’ve had no rehearsal due to Thanksgiving and the band decided not to take a listen to the special song I wanted to play today. Except you Jim and Christine, and a great Thank You.
  • We’ve had no rehearsal due to Thanksgiving and not everyone decided to get to practice this morning on time.

I did however capture it on video so I’ll be editing that tomorrow. Unfortunately, given the reasons above, I’m really scared to see my demeanor on video. Here’s the song selection:

  1. All We Need – G – Charlie Hall (Your Grace is Enough – 10:45 – G – Chris Tomlin)
  2. Your Grace is Enough (All We Need – 10:45)
  3. Mighty to Save – A? – Hillsong
  4. Jesus Paid it All – B – Kristian Stanfill and Alex Nifong
  5. Come and Listen – E – David Crowder*Band – during the Offering
  6. Shine Your Light on Us – E – Robbie Seay Band – post Communion

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