“I ate it…”

With an extroverted precocious 2 year old, we’ve entered the stage where things that come out of her mouth are sometimes scary.

I ate it.

…uhh….you ate it?

I ate it.

WOAH…WHAT? What did you eat?

My lay-low,” as she stuck out her tongue exposing a big blob of purple Play-doh!



1 Response to ““I ate it…””

  1. 1 CK
    November 26, 2007 at 2:58 pm

    HAH! I have a daughter that’s about 18 months… she’s quite talkative already. Lately she has been yelling “NOOOOO!”… and it’s convenient because she does this when she’s doing something we would say “NOOOO!” to… lo and behold, there’s my daughter pulling the vent out of the floor. “NOOOOO!” ;^)

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