This Day in Music – Christmas is here!

The radio stations have made the switch! iTunes has a new category. Trees, lights, and yard creatures are filling neighborhoods everywhere! Christmas is here! For my normal readers that means your looking for new Christmas songs to fill your iPods! For my wacko Worship Leader brethren that means your beginning your Christmas Eve Worship service preparations! Some have already begun posting their top Christmas CDs and I’m hoping not to ditto anyone but here’s what I’ve got for you:

MercyMeThe Christmas Sessions – Hands down, THE BEST ‘modern contemporary’ Christmas CD out right now. I know the words ‘modern’ and ‘contemporary’ have broad understandings behind them so let me just say that this CD is the one for us rockers who are looking for versions that band styled worship teams can pull off together and have the sound we love to play every other Sunday of the year! The one I love doing is “It Came Upon a Midnight Clear.” It’s beautiful and pretty and then slaps you in the face with a rousing chorus! I don’t think there’s a miss on the entire CD! I even love doing their version of “Silent Night.” (However some do call it sacreligious so I do it as a special during the offering 🙂

GET THIS CD! You’ll love listening to it as much as we’ll love playing it! (Another plus is that it’s a couple years old so tabs can be found online! I think there’s even a book out with sheet music and chord charts?!?!)

Relient KLet it Snow Baby…Let it Reindeer – Big fan of these guys after seeing them live and this CD doesn’t disappoint either! With a whopping 17 tracks, I’m really impressed with what these guys put out! I expected outright punkish versions like “Angels We Have Heard on High” but we get a great blend of piano driven beauties mixed in there as well! Obviously, there are great songs to use for your youth group (or a great CD to get your kid) but I honestly think there’s enough here to use for adult services or to be that CD that Mom and Dad can enjoy with their distant teens as well!

Josh GrobanNoel – I can’t listen to Josh Groban. He’s the male Norah Jones for me. They’re incredibly talented, they just put me to sleep. HOWEVER! What I love about this CD is what he’s doing with it. Sure you can purchase it off iTunes for 12 bucks OR you can head over to World Vision and donate as little as $25 bucks and help feed suffering children and families in South Africa and get it for free! That to me is pretty much worth the nap music, I can always use it for a Christmas present for someone else I suppose?!?!

I’m trying to cut down on my lengthy posts! Enjoy these morsels of Christmasy goodness and I’ll be back with more later on. While your waiting, iTunes has some incredible playlist samples that are divine! My personal favorite:

Cocktail Christmas Mix

I mean come on, Mel Torme’, Brenda Lee, Nat King Cole, Harry Connick, Jr., Tony Bennett, it just doesn’t stop!


1 Response to “This Day in Music – Christmas is here!”

  1. November 27, 2007 at 8:31 am

    Nice. Looking forward to picking up some of this stuff later this week. The MercyMe sounds really good.

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