This Day in Music – Seal, Spice Girls, and a bevy of bras

Tonight aired The Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2007 and of course the interviews and dialog was worth tuning in 🙂

I don’t know how long they’ve done these Fashion Shows because I can honestly say that tonight’s viewing was strictly because my wife wanted to check it out, not that she twisted my arm to stay in the living room with her and watch but I feel I should say that.

Musically, there actually is something worth talking about! I mean come on it was the Spice Girls reunion show! Yeah, even the successful one that dates Beckham was there! I’m not sure how many songs they played. We only saw one song and it immediately brought be back to those painful days when Spice Girls swept the nation on lunch boxes, TV ads, radio, undies, pens, buttons, Fanta…no, whoops those are other painfully aggravating dancing women. Oddly enough, the Spice Girls had the most clothes on out of the women gathered 🙂

Seriously though, I actually did get a big kick out of Seal’s performances. I really dig that guy. Apparently, he had a new CD drop back in November. I think I might mosey on over to iTunes and give it a listen. The guy’s voice is insane and he hasn’t lost it either. It would appear that Heidi might have given him an update as he was in this blinged out bedazzled suit and the new sound is much more suited for ‘the club’ than previous releases which lent itself very accommodatingly to the runway. The big surprise was sharing a song with his wife! They are smart! She had just enough to make it worth the effort and not enough to expose her and lend her to an embarrassing moment! But it was your touchy feel good moment of the evening, talk about your opposites attract! The first thing out of Rae’s mouth was: “Hmm, you know they really do make a cute couple!” I think Heidi Klum could stand next to a Wooki and ‘they’d be a cute couple.’

So any other Project Runway, The Shot, America’s Next Top Model fans out there catch this tonight?


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