5 Things Better than Mon Dec. 10th

5. Scary movies in the dark – The first 11 minutes of 28 Weeks Later here in the dark have effectively caused me to nearly poop my britches. Bloody hell!….(nearly 30 minutes in and pooped again. I’m pretty sure I’ve figured out what’s going to happen but it doesn’t matter…BLOODY HELL!)4. Lowe’s – This past week’s home improvements have considerably been easier with the new Lowe’s that less than 5 minutes from our house. I made 2 trips there on Saturday morning alone for our new ceiling fan.

3. License to Wed – A great way to get over the no-Office slump! Thursday evenings have been such a downer as of late but about half the cast is in this flick. Review coming soon.

2. Christmas songs – We did 2 in church this past week and will be doing 3 this coming week. There is some debate on whether or not I should leave them well alone. I have a tendency to want to treat them as hymns and do some newer versions that have been updated a bit.

1. Christmas parties – We had our first one last night! Our small group that’s going through Blue Like Jazz got together and played White Elephant/Naughty Santa/Bad Santa/whatever you want to call it…twice! Once where everyone got the chance to get a real gift that was purchased and then once again where every couple got to get a gag gift that was brought from your home!


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