LSU vs. OSU Visual Recap

I thought I’d share how we celebrated our triumphant win in becoming the number 1 team in the nation! Yeah, I said it: THE NUMBER ONE TEAM IN THE NATION. That’s for all the naysayers on ESPN who’s not sure who the number 1 team is yet 🙂

Aaron and Robert Jude, Mom, and Aaron Intensely watching the game

Grace and Rae Kids being Kids Katie showing the dance!

This was super special because the kids had just as much fun as we did!

Justin not wanting to leave my recliner Jumpin’ on the sofa! Night night

  1. Justin was trying to make a valid point on why he didn’t want to get up and walk down the hall all the way down to the 1st door on the right and would rather relieve himself and tote my recliner to the curb afterwards instead 🙂
  2. Chloe and I doing our traditional ‘Dancing on the sofa!‘ routine.
  3. And I won’t tell you why that baby is knocked out! But there’s a blackmail photo on my hard drive and stored online Jonathan and Katie and I’m officially accepting bribes to not release them to the public!

We were at an exciting capacity Monday night with 14 adults and 3 children! It was wild! We had food! We had liquid drinks of many colors and variations! We had a blast of a time! Next year, despite who goes, ya’ll make the trip down and let’s celebrate together!


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