5 Things Better than Mon Jan. 14th

5. Comedy Central’s Standup Showdown – I love comedy. Some are hit and miss but it’s more chuckles than not and they bleep’s tell me when the comic is probably not all that funny and I need to change the channel.

4. Clearing up my Google Reader – This weekend and morning I cleared out 417 of your post. You people are incredible! Things that have stood out the most to me, not a best of list, don’t feel bad if your not included but if you missed these then go check check, ah check ’em out:

  • Los again take blogging to the next level with his wife and a crew of other bloggers!
  • Rich stirs up discussion with his Mythbusters Post on Worship – which raises the all important question: Would Rich be Adam or Jamie?!?! I need to see him with a Barret first!
  • Mud put on his waders and jumped off into a crazy deep discussion on faith and I discovered the things I talked about in college no longer come to my memory any longer.
  • Klampert’s been having fun showing us how to play guitar 🙂
  • Louie motivated me to actually DO Something!

3. Funny Commercials – Its the weirdest thing, TiVo has actually heightened my appreciation for quality commercials! Hands down the funniest that I can’t find:

  •  Boss man is on a video conference with 3 guys at the ‘home office.’ Then the wind blows down the ‘back office wall’ exposing that trick they’re pulling on the Boss man b/c their out on the golf course! I thought it was a FedEx commercial but I can’t find it anywhere.

2. Spring Cleaning – My Google Reader, the pantry where all our cups are held, my storage in my carport. It’s a wonderful thing! It must be the cool air. It’s like once you get going, the whole house is in for an overhaul. My storage out in the back yard is on the ticket for today and Rae is finishing up my Man Space because it’s about to turn into the baby’s room!

1. New Music! – I’m totally spent on the tunes in my iPod selection. I plan on using my iTunes GCs from Christmas which mean more reviews for you. Before I get carried away though: ANY SUGGESTIONS?!?!?!


2 Responses to “5 Things Better than Mon Jan. 14th”

  1. January 14, 2008 at 9:19 pm

    athlete – beyond the neighbhourhood
    leeland – sound of melodies
    edison glass – time is fiction

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