Thumbs Up/Down – Finally back! EPs RULE and AI DROOLS!

Thumbs upFormerly BlindThis human way– My boy Gronseth gave me this EP at Christmas and for an opening debut I really, really enjoy it! I can’t tell yet if I’ll love this group yet or not however. I’m not sure where in the spectrum they’ll land: there’s a bit of pop, bit of modern rock, bit of sappy cliche’ lyrics, bits and pieces all over which I suppose is the point of an EP, so it works. Honestly, the first 3 tracks are completely stellar!

  • Life Comes Alive – Sanctus Real-like and just a great mood to open a CD up with! They make the “get up become who you need to be” lyrics really work here and its a great driving song that’s really full!
  • Forever the Same – I swear the opening riff brings me back to old school Matchbox 20! The chorus really soars and I completely dig it! The guys have chops and the guitar tones here are t-h-i-c-k.
  • The Truth – I think it’s my favorite track on here. Real weird and the drums starting it off are sparse and I like that. It even throws back to Jimmy Eat Worldish vocals on the choruses which I think is an even farther throw back to like Policeish vocals.
  • See Me Through – It’s the token soft tune on the EP 🙂 It works I suppose but it’s too soft and pretty for me. I think the lyrical content is fine, I think I’m also over analyzing it. Coupled with the next song though, is where some typical “Christian” lyrics pop out at me.
  • You are the One – Very Ingram Hilly to me in the opening and I love that and then they hit me with the “the more things change, the more You stay the same” and I check out. So it’s a good tune but I skip back to the beginning b/c of it.

Overall, I’m totally into Formerly Blind. Go give them some love on iTunes and check them out on mySpace and let me know what you think!

Thumbs upJon ForemanWinter – In case you missed Fall or are wondering why we’re talking about seasons on a music review, Jon Foreman (front man for Switchfoot) is taking on a project where he’s putting out songs for each of the seasons. We got Fall at the end of last year and Winter dropped today. There only 5 tracks each which make the bitter/sweetness of this project work for me. It’s bitter/sweet because there’s a ton of similarities here where if it were 2 full length projects I might get tired by the 4th CD. As it stands: I’M LOVING IT!!

It’s Jon stripped down and acoustic instrumentation. For Fall I think it was a couple guitars, mild string section, steel guitar (or lap guitar) and just some incredible tunes! We find Winter with a similar set up. It’s the last 2-3 tracks here on the CD that really speak “Winter” to me though. The first couple are some great songs and maybe after a couple more runs I’ll see why they’re Wintery, if not though I’m still satisfied!

Thumbs downAmerican IdolStarting Tonight – We’re like 7 years in. Tell me what the last 2 years have done for us? I’m done. Yeah, yeah, yeah supposedly the most talented group, I hear it every year.

Thumbs upAmerican IdolRobbie Seay’s Rise – YOU GO ROBBIE SEAY! Get your tune on the number 1 show in America! WOOHOO!!

And a lil anticipation for:

Passion’s New One


1 Response to “Thumbs Up/Down – Finally back! EPs RULE and AI DROOLS!”

  1. May 7, 2013 at 5:38 am

    Absoluter netter Artikel. Werde jetzt öfter reinschauen Vielen Dank und Grüsse aus Hamburg

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