Proceed With Caution!

If there’s 2 things the South is known for: Mardi Gras & Football! So, what’s the likelihood of having a double header like Mardi Gras and the Super Bowl on the same weekend?!? Wow! Thank you Lord for not having the Super Bowl here in New Orleans this year. I think the state’s blood alcohol level average would have had us on a state lock down. Seriously, there will probably be more alcohol sold here this one weekend than in your state this month…most states, the entire 1st quarter! Especially, here in the Dirty South. The Bible Belt doesn’t start until you hit the middle of the state on up. Everything along I-10 and South is Catholic Country. So it’s actually only half the state out drinking yours 🙂

That puts Christians like myself in a predicament because when it’s the social norm to get sloppy, stinking, out of your mind drunk for the week of Mardi Gras and now throw in the Super Bowl; when most sports nuts are finally getting over celebration of the BCS Championship game! The 2 prominent solutions are:

  1. Avoid the whole thing all together. If you can, even head off to vacation. I went snow skiing on my Senior Trip and 90% of the people I met in Colorado were all from Louisiana! If you can’t go on vacation you avoid your lush friends all together!
  2. Join in. It’s officially only a weekend of celebration and that’s only 1 of 52 for the year so what’s the big deal? Plus, you’re about to join in on 50 days of fasting with Lent anyway so why not indulge?

I’ve never enjoyed either of those options. The 1st takes me away from my friends and…well the 2nd takes me away from my friends in a different way. The 3rd option is of course the option we take with most things in our lives but for some reason find it so incredibly difficult when it comes to alcohol: moderation! So please, especially Louisiana New York Giants fans who haven’t stopped celebrating since Sunday, go easy on Fat Tuesday…or more appropriately this year: “Super” Fat Tuesday! I hope your Mardi Gras tomorrow is an amazingly wonderful time!


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