Passion – God of this City Videos

I’m sitting here listening to the new Passion CD: God of This City when I find out there are some promo videos out there. Your probably familiar with the CD itself already so I’d like to point you over to these videos in case you aren’t. hearitfirst.com/passion has 5 short blurbs that go something like this:

Tomlin on “God of This City” – In the middle of the Tomlin tunes is this little song that became the title of the new CD: God of This City. Tomlin shares the story behind it basically of the detainment in Belfast, Northen Ireland not sure they were even getting in to the country with a concert the next night. God pulled through and connected them with the band Bluetree and nailed Tomlin and company with this tune. Daniel was immediately taken with the chorus and so they got permission to use it and here we have God of This City.

Crowder on Passion – It’s pointless to watch and hilarious to watch. Just go do it! It’s Crowder doing what Crowder does.

Louie on Passion – It’s Louie doing what Louie does, making you feel like God could use you to conquer the world for Jesus. I love his vocabulary though! Passion is definitely a “movement” and this CD’s goal is to give us a snapshot of that movement. Sure they want this CD to be great and they’ve remastered some of the iTunes bundles but if your taken back to what you experienced at some of the last gatherings or are drawn to God by this CD, that’s the intention!

Charlie on Passion – Charlie’s stoked they’re going all over the globe and apparently is in a train station! HAHA! videos near a railroad track – bewildered by the global tour

Redman on Passion – Matt’s just excited other continents are getting exposure to Passion 🙂

Full review coming later of the new stuff. I’m glad the old tunes already released seemed amped up and touched up to give them a little glisten to those already having them in our iTunes library! If you haven’t purchased it yet head over to iTunes or 268 for a physical CD and make sure to pop into hearitfirst to watch the vids!


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