We Need Each Other…we need Sanctus Real

Sanctus Real WNEO

New music picks up today with a release from Sanctus Real – We Need Each Other. These guys just don’t quit! I didn’t realize until today that they’ve had six #1 songs and eleven Top 5 Hits and a Rock Album of the Year Dove Award. I remember being slammed by their rendition of U2’s Beautiful Day on Artists United for Africa and it felt like every year I was getting a new CD from them!

  • 2001 Say it Loud
  • 2004 Fight the Tide
  • 2006 The Face of Love
  • 2008 We Need Each Other

So like every other year is accurate 🙂 As much as I really enjoyed Say it Loud and Fight the Tide, the “critically acclaimed” Face of Love fell flat on me. Fortunately, We Need Each Other is the right amount of mixture combining the fun loving rock of the earlier CDs with the experience that the band has had over the past years touring and writing together!

Musically, the CD seems put together better and the added back ground vocals really lend some depth. Lyrically, the CD is incredible too. It seems Matt is really trying to stretch his vocals as well. I love the themes! Family, unity, leaving a legacy!

For the indie fans out there you’ll probably hate these guys. However, I love the blend of singable, hooks, anthematic mashup these guys provide! Its hard for me to not like them! Apparently the guys like this release as well! It’s the first time they’ve slapped their mugs on the cover of a CD. I suppose with a new bass player and an added guitarist they need to make sure they’re still recognizable! However with the extensive touring with Third Day and summer festivals I think these guys aren’t going to have to worry about going unnoticed! Especially with a release like this.


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