Youth Retreat Update 2

Wow, so we’re back home and what an incredible weekend! We’re also all mildly sick so this is going to be a quick update. Everyone one in the Byrd family is having the sinus/pressure/sore throat/headache business going around.

Camp wrapped up yesterday evening with 2 killer times of worship. From memory:

  1. From the Inside out – United
  2. Came to my rescue – United
  3. Lead me to the cross – United
  4. Glory to God – Fee vamp
  5. Beautiful Jesus – Kristian Stanfill
  6. Glory to God reprised

Then we had the “Go out and spend 10 minutes with God and the stars and think about this weekend moment” followed by some Saturday Night Live-ish skits and a ridiculously bad yet awesome set. You know the one where everyone’s just buck wild and all out and bass players break strings, and you look back and your drummer’s playing standing up, and you stomp on the lead vocalist’s line because you thought he was at a different spot in the song 🙂

  1. Sing like the Saved – Crowder
  2. Undignified – Redman
  3. No one like You – Crowder

I want to say we did one more but I can’t remember. It was crazy and wild and fun! Again, getting the chance to just play guitar, sing a little back up, learn some lead licks was awesome!

We knocked off a few songs early Sunday morning with dueling acoustics:

  1. The Happy Song
  2. Everything that has breath
  3. I will not forget You

So all in all it was a great weekend of music. Not much in the way of relaxing, but a ton in the way of energizing and fun 🙂

Oh, and this post was made on a crappy Toshiba Satellite 😦


1 Response to “Youth Retreat Update 2”

  1. February 18, 2008 at 11:09 am

    ridiculously bad yet FREAKIN AWESOME!!!!!!! that was the wildest set/music I have ever been a part of!! and it wouldnt have been the same without any of those parts….the best part by far was definitely the HUGGGEE “la la la la la la la la…HEY” hahahaha…You Rocked it bro!!

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