Get LOST – Eggtown

I kind of liked the way I did last week’s so here we go. Initial thoughts:

  • Eggtown? Huh cool name.
  • Locke is soooo predictable.
  • This whole Ben in captivity rehash of the 1st go around feels like the writers needed a filler episode to get us through the stretch.
  • SON!?!
  • It’s Aaron…got to be.
  • So, it’s no mistake that Jack said only 8 survived Flight 815 and obviously being one of the “Oceanic 6” means their story on the island is quite deceptive. Apparently, only “8” survived but only “6” made it off the island?!?! Interesting.
  • If this is a late night booty call, I’m going to throw up in my mouth.
  • “You know, Bruce Lee from the freighter!”
  • 3.2 million dollars, has to be significant but why?
  • I just hate Miles and it would honestly be funny to see his headless body next episode 🙂
  • Well if you weren’t whoring around Kate, Sawyer wouldn’t say that kind of stuff!!
  • I TOTALLY CALLED IT! Yup, bullet point number 3 up there! Called it.

My take away:

Man this episode was such a filler. I mean seriously, we had an entire episode dedicated to whether or not Kate would find out if the rescuers knew her identity and whether or not the baby was Jack’s/Sawyer’s/or Claire’s? This is the kind of episode they got criticized for last season. There’s honestly nothing terribly exciting to talk about. It makes me wonder how far into the future our flash-forward of the season finale was because the “he” Kate referred to then is undoubtedly Aaron, in my opinion, and it just pisses me off that Jack and Kate can’t reconcile this because he won’t go see him and she won’t tell him.

The redeeming factors of this episode will all happen next episode!

  • What happens when John Locke grows a true pair of testes!
  • Where the hell is that chopper?
  • Sexual tension between Jack and Kate ensues as she returns to the beach!
  • When is Claire going to die!?!?!
  • Why are the rescuers REALLY here?

What’d you think?


3 Responses to “Get LOST – Eggtown”

  1. February 22, 2008 at 1:51 am

    Actually, I called it. Ha ha! I love this show! Here’s my post: http://betterthanblank.org/?p=1045

  2. 2 scoots
    February 23, 2008 at 9:35 am

    The show was good i suppose. It was all a little predictable.

    i honestly was a little shocked at her saying “Aaron” at the end. I was expecting a “Jack or Sawyer Jr” to come out of her mouth. So Kate just inherits Aaron? And why? What happens to Claire? Does she decide to stay but lets her baby go? Are they suppose to come back?

    Looked like Desmond hi-jacked the Heli to find Penny. Daniel told them to go exactly the way they came. MMMMMM. And if they don’t, then how are the rest rescued. Very interesting indeed.

    I’m curious…..flash forward to Jack and Kate at the airport and how horrible Jack looked and the whole pain killer thing he struggles with. What happens in between to make him snap?

    I do wonder, who the freak is Ben? What is all of this about??
    I can’t even pretend to know or even make a guess to be honest. I’m more confused by the flash forwards.

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