Thumbs Up/Down – Fireflight’s Unbreakable

I’ve been a bit behind in “new music” lately. My goal was to get you the current music released on Tuesday of the reviewing or the week priors release. I’ll get back to that trend but for now you have:

Thumbs upFireflightUnbreakable – Chick rockers give me a much needed break from the male rocking arena that is wildly prevalent in my iTunes playlist and when I came across Fireflight last week it felt like a worthy addition. Fireflight brings a polished rock sound to the avenue of female led groups without straying too far to the Superchick realm of things. It reminds me more of what Skillet might sound like if fronted by a female singer. That’s the thing that is dynamite here. Dawn’s pipes are insane! The girl makes my head whirl in some songs. It’s like the sonic frequency is the exact same range that causes the membranes in my noggin to mosh! Her voice is beautiful and yet fueled by diesel twin turbos! The guitar tones are thick and big. You may have already heard them as their title track was used for the opening of Bionic Woman (then again maybe you didn’t hear it 😦

I’m about to get a bit critical here, so for my reader’s who don’t like criticism don’t read any further. You’ve heard all you need to go check out Flyleaf and be pleased 🙂
However, for the rest of you, I feel the need to say there’s something missing. There is an “it” factor that seems to be missing. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good stuff, I just feel there’s something just missing that causes it to stop short of great. I don’t know if it’s the well executed mix or what but it’s like they tried so hard to sound hard it felt a little short to me. I missed the raw, dirty, dark guitar tones of Flyleaf. I don’t know if it’s key selection or guitar tunings or what. But it’s just so dang pretty sometimes that it doesn’t feel Rock enough; it feels like Christian Rock. I don’t know how to put my finger on it. Things begin to sound the same and I begin to want something different and that something different is less poppy and safe and more raucous and gritty!


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