“Live” Get LOST – Ji Yeon

So obviously this isn’t live because I’m an hour and a half behind. Not sure what this will do for your RSS or Twitter but I’ll be updating the same post as we get along in the episode. Should be fun!! Like getting a peak into my brain for an evening.

Update post show recap – So there you have it Losties. Great episode. I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again, I could care less about the love quadrangle of Sawyer – Kate – Jack – Juliet. Desmond and Penny captivate me. Tonight’s Sun and Jin really caught me. I’d love to see more of Bernard and Rose and Russo’s daughter and silent blondie. 

Oceanic 6 is definitely up to: Jack, Kate, Hurley, Sayid, and Sun. I don’t think we count Aaron, Ben, or Jin. 

Answers: so Michael’s lil bullying no longer has him stuck on an island but on a freighter outside the island!
I always had a problem with the footage of the wreckage, it didn’t make sense. I’m glad they cleared it up that it was staged. Apparently, Ben is an incredible mastermind. He obviously will go to GREAT lengths to keep this island secret. I think that is one thing he’s honest about. How else do you throw people off a wrecked ship on your precious island? Stage a wreckage. But how???
We all knew it was Mr. Whitmore’s boat but I love how we’re finally dissing out answers here in the open! 


  • Who’s brains will Michael be cleaning off the wall?
  • Where’s Walt!?! More importantly…how is Walt?
  • What is Mr. Whitmore’s intentions with the island?
  • And obviously, how does Jin die? Does he get off the island publicly? Is it a favor underhandedly by Ben?  

With 10 minutes to go! – What will the cliff hanger be?!?! Maybe something with Locke’s side of the camp?
Nope looks like resolution with Sun…and Jin.
Hold…back…keep…mushy feelings down…what is in my eye…man it’s dusty in here!!!
What the hell just happened here?
…dusty again…

WOW next week will be AWE-SOME. Sayid putting the smack down on Michael! Back in Locke’s camp things heat up! The Freighter get geared up for something other than a rescue mission.

Post 4th commercial break – Charles Whitmore. We’re getting answers…uh…324 dead passengers with black box…ok staged. Thank you. Ok more answers! WOAH BENJAMIN LINUS.
Uh…who was that creepy Asian man that walked by?
I can’t believe my wife will be doing this in a few weeks!! I will not miss it. I’ll also have a boy.
Johnson = Michael!?!?!?! Well I’m glad that’s finally put to rest! I, however, never did like Michael. Maybe Sayid will get the chance to torture him just a little 🙂

Ooo…Doomsday looks so fun!

Update since 1/2 way mark – I love Bernard 🙂
Karma…oh goodness…thank God for the fish…oh crap…I don’t love Bernard anymore.
Ooo Captain!
Sooo Michael is not the Captain. Apparently he’s the help.
Did that Chica really just die!

Post 2nd commercial break – OH SHE IS OCEANIC 6! Oh that Doc is no good. I call shenanigans!
Ring…panda…what’s up with that?

Post 1st commercial break – Jin! Is he one of the 6 too!! NO WAY! This feels way too good to be true.
It’s about time Kate starts actually getting it. That had to have been the most accurate and intelligent dialogue she’s had this season.
“DONT TRUST THE CAPTAIN” so is Michael the help or the captain. Could still be either one.
I like Jack’s human side when he’s normal and not rushing about.
Holy crap, Sun what are you doing? WHAT!! LOCKE’S camp?!
Leatherheads looks funny 🙂

0:00 – Previously on LOST – Well the title suggests we’re following Jin or Sun. YES looks like we will get Freighter answers. Gina! Finally, “Regina” from the other end of the phone? Upside down book? These people are freaks.
Ahh, Jin and Sun. Any romance is better than ones that involve Jack, Sawyer, or Kate.
Ooo Sun! Flash-forward?!?! Flash-back?!?!?!
WOAH so Sun gets off?!?! She’s one of the 6!!

3 Responses to ““Live” Get LOST – Ji Yeon”

  1. 1 thegirlfromtheghetto
    March 13, 2008 at 10:33 pm

    Didn’t you love the bitch slap Sun gave to Juliet?

  2. March 14, 2008 at 1:00 pm

    Oh yeah!

    And I just remembered…where did Frank and Musclely Lad fly off to? At the very beginning he warns Frank not to be late and then the heli is gone! Have they flown back to the Island?!?!

  3. March 15, 2008 at 6:25 pm

    Great observations! Gotta love Lost.

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