LOST Thoughts – Meet Kevin Johnson

We’ve been given so much new info it’s almost overwhelming:

Oceanic 6: Jack, Kate, Aaron, Hurley, Sayid, and Sun
The Island is real and possesses supernatural power not only on the Island but off as well.
The people on the Island are incredibly resourceful.
Mr. Whidmore is persistently interested in finding the Island.
Michael is Ben’s informant on the boat.
Michael and Walt got off the Island but nobody knows that.

But so many more questions:

If Walt’s off the Island how is he still “on” the Island?
What the heck is the Island?
There’s definitely a time paradox here but what exactly is it?
What is Benjamin Linus? Yes WHAT?

The next round starting up in April looks incredible!

Who shot Karl and Russo? The Others or Freighter folk?
Will John Locke find his missing testicles?
How will everyone start dieing?
How will the Oceanic 6 get off?
Will we get to witness a John Locke/Jack cage match?
What befalls poor Claire?
Who is the next victim to James…doh…Sawyer’s name game?
How many more questions do I have for this show?!?!
I need to go to sleep.


3 Responses to “LOST Thoughts – Meet Kevin Johnson”

  1. 1 scoots
    March 21, 2008 at 2:16 pm

    i’m confused on a couple things.

    1) Sawyer is part of the 6? for some reason i don’t remember that? i tried to think of everyone last night….thankfully i have my tivo’d esps saved to go back and recap before the rest of the season. Is it the one where he met the chic?? It’s coming back to me now….no, that was Sayid…in the coffee house….I’m confused. When was Sawyer’s flash forward??

    Oh , you are missing Hurley. Hurley is the 6th.

    2) I also don’t remember anyone implying that the fake wreckage was Ben. I always thought that Mr. Whidmore was the blame? And why is Mr. Whidmore trying so damn hard to find the island? Has to be more than “capitalizing” on it? Mmmmmmm

    Other thoughts:

    Why would Michael tell Walt he killed those people? That made no sense.

    Is Mr. Friendly gay! His words were “when I get off the Island, I like to indulge” Just as he was taking grapes from the dude! WHOA!

    Claire’s character has no depth at all. Besides being Aaron’s mum she serves no purpose. She has one or two lines a week if that. I am curious though, as to what will happen to her and how Kate is now his new mum…..

    Not understanding why Sayid did what he did there at the end? Why rat out Michael/ Kevin? I tell you this though….Sayid is THE baddest person on that Island!

    How long do we have to wait??

  2. March 21, 2008 at 2:50 pm

    You were right. Sawyer doesn’t get off, it is Hurley. That was my mistake.

    Apparently, I need to go back as well. I thought that Ben told Locke that Mr. Whidmore staged the whole fake wreckage so that no one would continue to look for the crashed Oceanic crew so that he (Mr. Whidmore) could find it.

    I’m with you. Without Charlie, Claire serves no purpose at all. It’s got to be a matter of time before they off her.

    I think we’re just waiting until the end of April. Still it’s a ways off.

  3. 3 scoots
    March 21, 2008 at 4:29 pm

    yeah, Ben did say that. You are right. But others are saying Ben staged it? Is that what the people on the freighter say?


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