Thumbs Up/Down – Starfield will GO and the Daniel Doss Band

Thumbs Up/Down has been a fun addition here to WorshipCity that I enjoy doing every Tuesday with new music. For those who are regulars, you know I can become quite the talker πŸ™‚ So from now on, Thumbs Up/Down will be a quick overview of some new material I’ve gotten my hands on and in-depth reviews will take their own post. That way for a quick look see you can check these out and simply see either a Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down and then I’ll link to the full review when I get it up. Those will entertain my full long-windedness πŸ™‚

Thumbs up StarfieldI Will Go – It’s not that I try not to like certain bands but I was pretty skeptical that I’d like this CD when I got my hands on it. I know everyone loved Beauty in the Broken but I just never got into it and therefore never picked it up. My impression from I Will Go though has me thinking I made a BIG mistake! This CD in a word = THICK. U2y guitars, big vocals, a nice mix of the popular quirky chord progressions United likes to do with some very singable melodies. Parts of this CD slow down and just feel real comfortable as well!

To Grab Your Attention: Hosanna -it takes some stones to grab an already immensely popular tune and shake it up to your own style. Holy is Out God – a very worshipful singable song. The ending just soars! I love it!

Thumbs up Daniel Doss BandGreater Than Us All – With a sample on Fresh Tunes – Winter 2008, I was really interested in this band. I think mostly the lyrical content of this CD is really what grabs me. With the opener of Great God:
Great God, greater than us all – Forgive us we have made You small – God open our eyes to see – Just a great chorus that puts things in perspective for us! They don’t let up with God in Me, or Blessed is the One, or Love Like Rain. There’s this kind of raw, authentic sound in the vocals that I love. Plus, things with Ed Cash have been grabbing my attention lately πŸ™‚

To Grab Your Attention: Great God – why not, it’s just a great song that gives a good glimpse of the band. Blessed is the One – just goodness all over it. Creatively Lord Reign into Light is Shining I love!


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