Worship Confessional – April 13 – I’m watching YOU!

As many of you know, I’m in transition from leading the musical side of worship AND the youth ministries at our church to full time work with youth. This past weekend we had the last of the 3 worship candidates come and lead worship with us. It’s been quite a process: search committee formed, getting the word out, selecting/discerning the candidates, getting the candidates here, and now discerning/selecting the person that God is calling to become our new worship leader. The most amazing thing about this whole process is that it’s only taken us 5 months to get here! We should have a new worship leader by the Summer! I can’t believe it! Growing up Southern Baptist just forming the dang committee would have taken longer than 5 months!

So, my confessional this week for all you worship leaders out there is simple: STOP LEADING WORSHIP! Just for a Sunday. When was the last Sunday that you didn’t lead worship/run sound/play guitar/run MediaShout/or anything else that falls under the umbrella of leading worship and simply became “someone in the congregation?!?!” In my opinion it’s not only healthy but its spurs creativity! I can’t wait to get back up front this Sunday! I’m so charged for my last Sundays until the new leader comes in. They’ve done things that I didn’t think of doing. They were more free in areas I’m apprehensive about. They’re more talented places that I’ve taken for granted. They were also more anxious in areas that I’m confident in. They were more unprepared for situations that I’ve grown to thrive in. I’ve felt like the “behind-the-scenes” camera filming the actual cameras that are actually filming the actors. Yet I’m able to see the director, producer, techs, and last week’s footage as well! HAHA.

Get a back up. Get a fill-in. Pay someone if you have to. Get out from behind the mic and go worship. It’s incredibly awkward! I’ve forgotten how to worship during music without my hands strumming a guitar! It’s awful! It’s amazing!

But here’s the catch! Ah yes…the catch: you have to actually worship! As a musician, especially one who leads worship, it’s incredibly difficult to go to a service where someone is doing what you’re used to doing and not critique everything that person is doing and how you would do it differently. So maybe you’ll need 2 Sundays off. One to get the critiquing and wondering and questioning out of your system and another to actually worship 🙂


1 Response to “Worship Confessional – April 13 – I’m watching YOU!”

  1. April 18, 2008 at 4:56 pm

    That’s an interesting thought.
    In the past when I’ve been at a church just as a churchgoer, I really had to concentrate to worship. If I didn’t then I would just end up fixated on the musicians and composition.

    You and I are actually in very similar situations. I lead the music side of our main services and I’m the worship leader for the youth. It’s amazing how much different it is from the main sanctuary to the youth.

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