Gavin’s 1st iMix

Shoot it’s my 1st iMix as well. The weekend at the hospital was crazy and I thought of no better way to help remember that time than to create an iMix of the weekend! The idea of an iMix really is a great one! Anyone else using this? Its so simple and extremely easy to use. Besides creating custom mixes of songs and playlists you’d want to get I was thinking as a worship leader this could be a great resource as well! Create an iMix of the songs you want to play this weekend or month and put it online and send the URL to your team. Voila!

Anyway, back to me and my newborn. Here’s how the weekend went down in song:

  1. It had been a Nada Surf kind of week and Are You Lightning? was stuck in my head all night the night before we went to the hospital. Random? Yes.
  2. I had just received Kristian’s EP the week before and it was in Rae’s car. I love this version of Inside Out! I think we listened to it 2x on the drive to the hospital.
  3. BREATHE IN, BREATHE OUT, BREATHE IN, BREATHE OUT!  My wife’s labor this time around was much more crazy and  amidst the commands for my wife to “breathe” this song came barreling into my noggin. For obvious reasons 🙂
  4. My wife wanted to Push that baby around…and out! And she did, and she did, yes she did!
  5. Once the hard part was over with we definitely were all smiles and I was bouncing off the walls in Celebration!
  6. This is an example of how awful I am. Taking my son away for his circumcision and this is what I’m thinking he’s thinking! HAHAHA.
  7. I learned new things this time around with a son. Apparently, Vasoline is helpful with the healing process.
  8. My wife kept it So Cold in our hospital room that I went back down to the car and brought back all the jackets I had so that visitors could wear them if they didn’t want to freeze to death 🙂
  9. As I’m discussing my idea of creating an iMix for the weekend, my brother brings up some crazy country song about the singer’s life online. He can’t remember the name of the song and it starts this crazy discussion of country music (which I’m not a fan of) but they talked about it for so stinkin’ long it needs to make it on the list.
  10. As you know, I now think John Mayer is the coolest cat since sliced bread and jam and the lines: Someday I’ll fly
    Someday I’ll soar
    Someday I’ll be something much more
    Cause I’m bigger than my body gives me credit for

    resonated for me as a father looking at my son and dreaming of all the things to come.

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