Orange Thoughts – Creating Success in Your Organization

Creating Success in Your Organization was an incredible hailstorm of gut checking info on leadership and what a Team is and what Vision is by an invigorating Nancy Ortberg! Behold nuggets:

Team = 12 people or less that set goals together for the whole organization and are
committed to each other’s development.
Team is a business form of Community.
Healthy productive conflict pushes towards excellence whereas compromise is agreed upon mediocrity. (Dang Nancy, preach it girl! WOAH!)
It’s much easier to clean up after an elephant if you know where he is!
Robust passionate debate! We need to define our Vision, Mission, & Strategy and then what are the things we can let go? We can’t be all things to all people so what are 2 or 3 things we do really well that we can focus on? We can align our energies around? Not that there isn’t room for other things but that we won’t spend focused energy around?

We must recognize the problems to be solved vs. tension to be managed!
Problems to be solved – when done we need to autopsy and define what we did well, not well, and pull learning lessons out of.
Tension to be managed – these are things like:
Passion vs. Humility – we need both! Those who are passionate AND humble
Innovation vs. Infrastructure – we need both! Those who can create and bring life
and those who can sustain and keep things running
These are things that don’t go away and need to be constantly watched.

Vision = team sport. It’s a “collaborative” effort.

Volunteers don’t want to play follow the leader. Spend time on the front end making change not on the back end cleaning up. Research tells us that people need to be reminded of vision every 28 days! Vision is NOT something simply on a shirt or mug! MUST BE LIVED OUT!

Your budget and vision should be in alignment! Spend 10 minutes looking at your budget and you’ll find out what your vision is.
School District team meeting and the Facilities & Maintenance Crew’s vision was “Create and maintain environments that inspire greatness” shared by the workers before the team lead!

Daily calendar activities are what accomplish vision!


The Five Dysfunctions of a Team
and Speed of Trust

Curiosity -> drives success and learning

Do you daily live with God to be reminded of His goodness?!?!?!
If your rhythm with God doesn’t renew wonder of God then you need to turn around and choose another road!

Collaboration is NOT abdication! Your team MUST know that not choosing their idea isn’t a blow on their self-esteem. This isn’t a win/lose this is about ministry success.

Holy spirit does not simply work spontaneously, He also works in organization and planning as well.


2 Responses to “Orange Thoughts – Creating Success in Your Organization”

  1. May 13, 2008 at 12:01 am

    That’s some awesome stuff! I just finished the 5 dysfunctions and then promptly used the info to teach our staff advance. thanks for sharing!

  2. May 20, 2008 at 10:20 pm

    i’m reading the 5 dsyfunctions right now with my team at work. pretty good so far.

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