Goodbye, Toby Thoughts, Laughs, and Questions


Well the season finale of The Office aired last night and what an episode! Hysterical! Awkward! Painful! Frustrating! Laugh out Loud! Everything that makes the Office one of my favorite shows! It made me miss the hour long episodes from last season! Probably one of the best this season! So I’m going to be a bit long winded!
My thoughts while watching:

  • GREAT cold opener! Back to the pranks! YES! Jim’s driving Dwight to destroy his phone was great!
  • I LOVED Michael’s giddy schoolgirlish dancing attitude combined with his glee to finally give Toby what’s coming to him! But I felt SO BAD for him for his botched Exit Interview and yet so glad for Toby for dodging that bullet!
  • This new Beasley we have this season that just helps drives Michael’s insanity and stirs things up is AWE-SOME! “You’re watch?!” …”Song parody writer!” AND the JAM is better than ever. I get a toothache with their sweetness!
  • Way to go Phyllis! Get in on the game girl! I’ve never really like Phyllis but her tension between Angela was great. Her sliding Angela’s books off the desk was priceless!! And way to toss in “do me a solid!” You go girl!
  • Normally any Creed-bit I get is like good sushi. This one was a throw away.
  • Dwight’s pranking…”hazing” was genius! In the end, his topped Jim! I laughed over Holly and Kevin all episode long!
  • I HATE Ryan…don’t interrupt…so glad he’s fired!
  • JIM’S GOT BALLS! Yeah, and they’re big…for a short while until he gets upstaged by Andy.
  • And I believe Michael was actually satisfied for once with a party! “Only the best one we’ve ever had!
  • I’m going to LOVE Holly. Her “not moving a muscle” when asked not to. Her Yoda play with Michael. Her calling him out on the carpet in the exit interview. She’s great!
  • I hate Jan. Why’d they do this? Not funny. Painfully uncomfortable. Why? Keep your dang foam noodle and leave our Michael alone.

Great lines:

  • Oh Dwight? You sound sexy! – Pam
  • If the Devil were to explode and evil were gone forever what kind of party would you have? – Michael
  • This is a button. – Holly
  • Pass curvy metal piece you will. – Holly (The tension was awful and I busted out laughing!)
  • I am now his cruise director and my name is Captain Bruising. – Michael
  • I’m Toby. – Toby
  • The real crime I think, was the beard. – Oscar’s last little dig there before the break 🙂
  • I’m pretty sure she’s baked on a professional level. – Michael
  • That’s what she…alot of places are like that. -Michael NOOOOOO LET’S NOT LOSE THE TWSS LINES!
  • -the look on Pam and Jim’s faces when Andy asks for Angela’s tiny hand in marriage-
  • I can also see him proposing to Oscar. – Michael
  • Just about everything Kevin did and said! I like pie too big guy.

In summary, I think I called it on Ryan. The one thing I’m scared about is Pam’s “3 months” is approximately the same length of time of the off season when there’s no Office airing. I hope they don’t pull what they did last season and we come back to an Office with Pam being gone, Andy who’s quit because of Dwangela, and a “happy” Janchael. Even worse, if we come back and have missed Jim’s proposal. ARGH!

I think there was so much happening character wise here as well. We see Michael roll through this huge arc! Emotionally full from just about everyone! This ensemble is terrific. However, if you aren’t invested in The Office you probably hated it.

So what’s you think?!?!

Can’t wait until September? Brand new webisodes coming in July!! WOOHOO!


5 Responses to “Goodbye, Toby Thoughts, Laughs, and Questions”

  1. May 16, 2008 at 11:32 am

    This was the first episode that I have ever seen, I am going to have to get the first couple of seasons and catch up.

  2. May 16, 2008 at 12:01 pm

    Dude I don’t know how you could sit through that episode without knowing the tension between Michael and Toby or Dwight/Andy/Angela or Michael and Jan or Phyllis and Angela or even Jim and Pam! WOW.

    Yeah man, if you made it through and thought it was funny it’ll be a riot after you catch up on previous seasons!

  3. May 16, 2008 at 1:24 pm

    One of the best season enders in awhile. Especially because of the spin off coming and all the unpredictability surrounding that as well.

  4. May 18, 2008 at 10:06 pm

    soooo great! soooo many cliffhangers. my bet is that jim gets ryan’s job and he and pam move to nyc with dual office locations again. not sure what will happen with angela, but i’m guessing phyllis blackmails her so she can plan more parties. and i go back and forth with jan. sometimes i love her and sometimes i hate her. but she always plays her part spot on. i hope holly sticks around because i can see some amazing love triangle awkward/hilarious scenes with michael/holly/jan. toby went from lovable doofus to creepy weirdo this season so i’m not entirely too sad to see him go. there has to be an episode next season where they visit ryan in prison. dwight is consistently solid. and finally, kevin is hands down my favorite character. every episode that he plays a larger role in is spectacular. “i do the numbers…… do you want an m&m? i keep them here at my desk so no one steals them.” HIGH-larious!

  5. 5 scooter
    May 20, 2008 at 7:18 am

    I too completely enjoyed the episode. My only complaint is Jim not proposing. I don’t like where it was heading this episode…with Pam going to Art school for 3 months and her making comments of how she thought “Toby was cute” and then Jim not proposing. I know the writers are creating suspense but we’ve had 3 seasons of suspense. I think when and if Jim does propose we will see it on TV. THEY OWE US THAT! Having said all of that, I quickly forgot about Jim and Pam when Phyllis walked in on Dwight and Angela!!!!!!!! Was that the most unexpected scene of the night or what! Good grief! I was totally shocked (maybe I was the only one not expecting it?) It was greatness! Angela’s face was priceless. Even better than the look on her face when Andy proposed! HA-HA!! Could you feel the love. LOL!

    I had “heard” that the possible spin off was cancelled but I suppose I can see Jim and Pam in another “office”. I suspected Ryan would have been canned, but him being taken out in handcuffs was one up! I agree that Jim will take Ryan’s place. He made that huge close two weeks ago and has been really career minded lately. Either that or Pam will dump him and he will become a homeless bum 🙂 But I don’t see that happening. I have to believe that e-v-e-r-y-o-n-e who is psycho crazy about this show WANTS Pam and Jim together.

    While typing all of this, another huge NBC hit of the past comes to mind….season finale of Friends. Remember, Rachel didn’t get on the plane 😉

    Please NBC…..don’t let Pam get on the plane……

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