Would you like to see God?

Remember when life was easy?

Chloe’s 2 and 1/2 and we’re passing from reading books at night to Daddy telling stories at bedtime. One of her favorites is the Story of the Trees. The gist: “Once upon a time God created the Earth and everything in it.” And I tell a whimsical story of God creating the world that ends with God taking a “nap” which is the most perfect segway for our turn to go to sleep also. UNTIL TONIGHT when it went down like this:

He’s taking a nap.

Mmmhmmm. – Sudden realization that she wasn’t asking me if God had taken a nap but matter-of-factly telling me that God is napping right now.
Well honey, he’s not sleeping right now.

Where is He?

Well, He’s high above us watching down on you and Daddy and Mommy and Gavin. – Sudden realization that I’d also like my daughter to know that God desires a personal relationship with us and is as close as I am to her as well!
He’s also right here in your heart. –I tap her little chest.

She taps her little chest.

He’s making you breathe in and out. He’s making your heart pump inside your chest here.

She breathes in deeply and smiles.

Well, I want to see Him!

I am literally dumbfounded at this point!

The simplicity of my daughter’s “grasp” of the subject was not only hilarious but left me just speechless. I mean she needs no explanation of The Trinity. She doesn’t need to debate whether we should sprinkle or dunk for baptisms. She doesn’t ask if she’s part of the elect or whether she has the ability to make her own decision about God.
We go through a story about this guy named “God” who has created all these wonderful things. Then she tags on all the wonderful things in her “world” that he must have also created. (Tonight those things were my hairy chin, ballerina slippers, pretty dresses, and horses mostly!) and then enthusiastically wants to see Him!

I mean I know this was a silly example and all but I’m just excited about being a parent and having these opportunities with my kids!

You will Sweet Pea. Now let’s get some sleep. – Thank you God for my children!


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