Today is Monday at Day 1 of our STEWPOT mission trip to Dallas, TX. I’m here with 8 of my youth, 2 leaders from our parent church, and 4 of their youth. We are here ministering to the downtown people of Dallas. They are mostly homeless or the working poor. Surprisingly enough, we are also working with the children of the homeless or the working poor. I wasn’t quite too sure about the difference but there is such and it is quite a distinction among those whom it categorizes apparently. 

Today was merely an introduction, however, I’ve learned so much even in this first introductory day that my mind boggles at the thought of what the next 4 days will bring.
Each day has a different focus in the morning times that are The Aging, The Children, The Homeless, and Family Violence.
Each afternoon we spend with our assigned age group of children (5th grade HOORAH!)
Each evening we serve meals for the “Clients” of the STEWPOT. I don’t think we stopped today until 8:30 and then it was 15 minutes until our own time of devotion, worship, and wind down! It’s now 10:16 and everyone’s turned in but like that commercial where the hand finds the cellular device it just can’t stay away from, I’ve found the wifi (in this one room of the church I might add) and I just can’t get off without updating things. 

This is an incredible trip because 1st Presbyterian Dallas has everything so organized and jam packed planned out that you just don’t stop! You also can only bring 15 students MAX. So it keeps things nice and personable. 

To keep too much rambling I’ll give you my YO and WOAH for the day: 

YO: Seeing the faces of these children light up! It clicked as I escorted a group of 4th and 5th grade boys to their swimming lesson. They only get swimming lessons a few times during the summer and it’s only for 30 minutes in the last 2 lanes in the lap pool at Baylor’s facilities. I swear though that they were going Willie Wonka’s factory to swim in the chocolate river and granted 3 wished by a magical genie! It was a swimming lesson for a half hour for crying out loud but it was the world to these kids! It really showed how much these simple things we take for granted are divinely appreciated by these kids who have lives I can’t even imagine.

WOAH: Seeing the faces of these children after snack and they were leaving to go home. Some of the kids’ whole demeanor changed. I don’t know if it was because they knew what lie at home for them? I don’t know if it was because they were faking the whole day and there was nothing else we could provide for them so they could get back to acting “normal?” But a few of these kids, not all, definitely left different than they way they came in. 

Please pray for our students and me and the leaders. Please pray for the people of Dallas. Thank you.


3 Responses to “STEWPOT Day 1”

  1. July 7, 2008 at 10:38 pm

    Praying for you guys. Thanks for sharing the update.

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