STEWPOT Day 3 – Serving Clients of The Bridge

Today is Wednesday and I’m already dreading leaving the Stewpot to head home to Louisiana and we’ll be here 2 more days! I believe Friday will be an intense day for us all. I think everyone has connected with a child or in many cases, classes of children from Day Camp. Tonight at the Bridge it felt as if we were serving “friends” dinner at times. We’ve seen the same faces and spoke with the some of the same people for 3 nights now that it’s almost as if they know us. It’s amazing the amount of openness and comfortability to speak about their state of homelessness these Clients have. 

I thought I’d share a few with you: 

We opened up the piano because the Bride would love to employ some of the Clients to play during dinner each night. Tonight we were blown away by 2 incredible players. One was a young guy who was very entertaining but a little light on the keys; the other was a jolly older fellow who just banged the ivories like it was his last time to play! I sat down with him later as he was eating dinner. He told me 10 years ago he was a musician in Chicago. He’d play jazz dives and clubs all over town. He began to tell me of how he began getting into the wrong “sorts” and then quickly changed the subject back to music (funny how I found all the musicians each night 🙂  ) He told me he was on his way to Vegas when he got stranded here in Dallas after his wallet, belongings, and cash were stolen from him. He told me an inspiring message he’d heard from Donald Trump and said he’d begin all over again. Right here in Dallas where he had worked before. 
He was covered in dashes of color and he told me he just finished a mural on the side of this restaurant on the corner where he was going to get paid $5,000. He thought that with that money and the money he’d been making playing piano at various gigs for the past few weeks at $300 a night he thought he could finally get to begin again.  It was at this point the young guy began playing a song he knew and he bolted for the piano once more and began playing again. 


Once again I was asked what instruments I played. The conversations usually began like: 

You play music right? The Rock and Roll? What? 

Typically before I could even answer the table would begin a conversation without me 🙂 This time though this guy began to tell me how he was a Rapper. He was gathering musicians to back him because he didn’t want to use samples. There was an open mic night down at this club called Diamonds and he wanted to know if I’d want to come sit in with them. I told him 8 hours was a far drive to come fill in but he said the offer was always on the table! 


Evan wanted to share with me what the Lord had done in his life. He was beginning to work again and much to my dismay he wasn’t going to be with us tonight, fortunately though it was because he had a job to go work. Evan was very aware of what God was trying to do in his life. He was supremely grateful that we were there serving water and food to them at The Bridge. He wanted to share with me a testimony of what God had done for him. 

I came across this semi full of fruits on the way to the market and he was lost and asking for directions. I told him I’d be glad to help out and that I’d also unload his truck for him if he could spare a few dollars so he could get a meal. The driver declined saying he had men he could pay for that stuff, but I told him I was honest and hardworking and would want to be one of those men for him. He still told me no and drove off. Right behind him this lady pulled up asking for directions for some other place. I told her to take 20 and get up to where she needed to go, then I asked her kindly if she had something to spare to help me out. She reached into her purse and gave me…well I can’t tell you just how much money she gave me because it was alot! I even told her, “Maam, this is too much. I can’t accept this.” She told me no, that the Lord told her to give me that money and she wanted me to have it. I began to cry right there on that street corner and thank God.

Evan’s working on getting some money to finish his GED and getting some regular work. He’s got a son named Drake who’s 16. He asked me to pray for his son. He shook my hand and just couldn’t do it through the latex gloves so I took it off and gave him another firm handshake. He let go of my hand and he grabbed me and gave me a big hug. 

We’ve seen some extraordinary things this week so far. Please continue to pray.


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