STEWPOT Day 4 – Old folks

Today’s focus was on The Aging. I can spend days, nay weeks, hmm…maybe months with children and have a blasty blast! It’s become my passion obviously as a Youth Director and I have little kids myself so I’m pretty much covered on the various age groups. HOWEVER, other than my Grandparents, I’m typically not your Grandparents’ best friend. My hair’s always too long. My face always has hair on it. My jeans are torn. I wear “those shoes.” I don’t tuck in my shirt. I rarely ever have a collar on my shirt. If it does have a collar, again, it’s not tucked in. I’m not a fan of history. So knowing that the bulk of our morning was going to be at a Retirement Village where we’d be interacting with The Aging had me a little nervous. 

BUT I must say that I LOVED it! They told us when we got there that we weren’t going to want to leave and I didn’t believe them. I must admit though that I was THE LAST ONE to walk out the doors. A student of mine (Rachel) and I sat down with Ora or as everyone there called her: “Sweetie.” She and her husband were celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary this weekend! I told her that my wife and I celebrated our 6th this past weekend and they just laughed! 

Sweetie sat there and talked on and on about her and her husband’s stay there at Grace Pres. She remembered the first time they toured the facility and walking into the master bathroom and seeing the walk in closet.

A WALK IN CLOSET! Well, I tell you that sealed the deal for me!

It was almost as if she had just seen it again for the first time. 
It was very evident from Sweetie’s stories and verbage that she was a follower of Jesus. Multiple times she would say that “the Lord blessed us” in such a way that was so normal and authentic. Luck wasn’t even an idea that popped into her head. I asked her about that: her obvious gratitude to God. She was a bit taken aback because “shouldn’t we all thank God?”

I’ll tell you: some people think of a place like this as they’re coming to die. I say we’re coming to live! We have church services here and worship. The staff loves everyone and is so kind. I thank the Lord every day.

Then all of a sudden the hallway got really dusty for some reason 🙂

My experience with Sweetie blindsided me. It came out of left field. I wasn’t prepared. This lady was hilarious and candid and completely aware of her situation and that God had been with her the entire step of the way. I know her celebration of 50 years of marriage this weekend will be a crazy party filled with laughter. I wish I didn’t have to miss it.


1 Response to “STEWPOT Day 4 – Old folks”

  1. 1 foo.oswald
    July 11, 2008 at 8:00 am

    Wow, man. Sounds like a cool experience; reminds me of my grandmother, too. We just don’t give senior citizens the respect they deserve, do we?

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