Going to church at Ecclesia – Chapter 3

Gideon’s message was one that spoke to me. We talked about it all the way to the Galleria (which was quite some time because we got a little lost.) It was from Luke 10:25-37, a very familiar passage, it’s the one about the Good Samaritan. Another crafty way to engage community was that he asked us all to turn to those sitting next to us and have someone read the passage aloud to the group! That was wonderful!

The core of this passage is very beautiful. Gideon’s message was one that was very simple and yet very challenging: inheriting the kingdom of heaven is “simply” loving the Lord with your whole being, however that may be too abstract for us to truly understand so what does that look like? Love towards your neighbor. So our lives should be bent on loving God completely and if we need help in figuring out how to do that then manifest it in showing love to your neighbors. When we don’t do that…we sin. We spend so much time meeting in small groups, home groups, in areas across our cities preparing meals, lessons, praying, and coming together in our neighborhoods but is our community any different because of it? How much time do we spend in comparison, actually loving the people in our community? If your cell group, community group, whatever you call it, left your home and met somewhere else would your neighborhood feel a loss?
As someone who is in 2 small groups, 1 of which regularly meets in our home, that question hit home pretty hard.

HOWEVER WHAT IF in the Good Samaritan story we are NOT the Samaritan? I mean isn’t it a story of how we should be the Samaritan and not the Priest or the Levite? But what if in fact we are the beaten, naked man on the side of the road and Jesus is the Samaritan. What if Jesus is the Samaritan rescuing those who would otherwise despise him and giving them life.
See, he was very clear that being a good person and loving your neighbor isn’t salvation. But could it be proof that there is new life within you? The pecans falling from a pecan tree don’t give the tree life but they are signs that there is life within the tree. A sign of life following Jesus within a person is exuding love towards others. Jesus has reached out and breathed new life into us, rescuing us from our broken, battered state. He restored us and made us new. “Samaritan-izing” us to go and do the same for others.

It’s been almost 3 days and it’s still fresh in my head.


1 Response to “Going to church at Ecclesia – Chapter 3”

  1. August 6, 2008 at 1:21 am

    I have to disagree with:

    # They wear a stylish shirt and jeans
    # They have an awareness for fashionable shoes

    I mean honestly if I look at pastors I like they fit this description (any off my top 5). But it’s a little disturbing. I guess I don’t tend to equate “authenticity” with “following the latest trends.”

    The rest of your list is the same as mine. (we must like all the same guys.)

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