Sunday Setlist – Morning Worship Aug 10th

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So, I believe this is the 1st Sunday I’ve blogged about where I was NOT the worship leader leading worship 🙂 I was “just the guitar player/back up vocalist” and let me say that it was AWE-SOME! Jill has a totally different style of preference, style of playing, style of leadership, way of approaching the congregation, etc. and for me to be under someone doing worship again is really refreshing! (In case your wondering and missed it. Catch up here.) It was also a great Sunday for me and Gretsch to have some special alone time 🙂 It’s been rare that I’ve actually been able to “play lead” and while this was nothing extravagant in any means, it was a great experience nonetheless.

So, the songs:

  1. Prelude – Awesome video set to Let Everything That Has Breath (not the familiar one though) a version with the girl from Sixpence and the dude from Jars singing.
  2. Lord Most High – Shane Everettish
  3. Sing the Mighty Power of God – Grace Presbyterian Version
  4. All Creatures of Our God and King 1/2 – hymnlike with a hint of Crowder 🙂
  5. Offering Psalm 19
  6. Indescribable – Tomlin
  7. Creation’s King – Paul Baloche

My feelings:

  • Lord Most High – repeaty song that works well. It’s a bit low for the guys but very singable. We had a “Small Vocal Ensemble” this week that Jill worked with us beforehand and I believe that lended itself greatly to this week’s feeling of the congregation really sounding like they were singing! Good size too, there was another guy singing with me and 3 other ladies singing with Jill. Beforehand, I would have told you that I hated the idea of a SVE. I’m not sure hatred is the right term anymore. It’s not my thing but it totally worked and…dare I say it…I think I…maybe just a little…liked it.
  • Sing the Mighty Power of God – Jill’s introduced a bunch of “new songs.” It’s funny to say that because not too many of them have been “new” but they’re songs that I’d never done at River. This one has been a favorite of mine. It’s a hymn revamp with this great fresh lil chorus in it! Again, the SVE really lent itself here.
  • All Creatures 1/2 – LEAD LICK! Here’s the thing. I don’t know how to play the guitar. Jill wanted me to play the opening riff of the melody line and I pick things out using the same string and slide around on it (I think it sounds cool and don’t know any better.) The band taught me the “correct way” to play it using a scale and I botched it up on Sunday morning. “Botched it” in the sense that probably the only ones who knew were the musicians. However, this is what I love about what I’m doing now. I can stretch my guitar playing and actually learn how to play!
  • Psalm 19 – Incredibly pretty duet with me and Jill and Larry on the mandolin! What a sermon lead in should do! Set up the sermon and it nailed it musically and lyrically!
  • Indescribable – We played it a bit slow for me and slightly different tags so I couldn’t do the lil riff 😦
  • Creation’s King – This is a NEW song Jill has introduced and it’s a good one. Paul Baloche and Chris Tomlin have the insane knack for writing singable songs. This was one and it was fun to play! Little riffs here and there and fun harmony lines to sing! I think the congregation caught on.

Overall: it was a great morning! I’m not sure how ending with a new song went over. That’s a big “No-no” in my book so I’m curious to see how things were perceived. I’m finding for myself worshipping again while playing! I think those last month of leading youth, leading worship, new baby and all just made it difficult to break out of “playing” mentally and let go and worship on Sunday mornings. It was much easier to do that yesterday and it was great!

One thing that I’m glad isn’t my job to tackle anymore that we need to address that you could possibly help out in: what do you do with “bad musicians?” Jill has been great in opening up the community and bringing in new musicians and singers but now she’s faced with the tough decision of what to do when the excellence of the morning suffers because now you’ve got a wide spread of talent and not all of them are where the rest of the team is?


5 Responses to “Sunday Setlist – Morning Worship Aug 10th”

  1. 1 jbunch
    August 11, 2008 at 12:07 pm

    Working with musicians who are not quite up to par is a tricky situation.
    1) you have to remember that it is about ministry, which means not unnecessarily hurting people’s feelings.
    2) it is truly about worship – so if their heart is right, it makes it tricky. The best way to do this is by including them but not letting them do anything beyond their ability if possible.
    3) I am really interested in this very subject because sometimes I find myself caught in this bind. However, it is hard to say that I want to make them better musicians because time is of the essence and it is hard to spend that extra bit of time teaching them about music. I think that a good way would be to help them find someone who can make them better musicians – either professional lessons or a talented friend.

  2. August 11, 2008 at 4:15 pm

    Nice set! And that’s quite a dilemma you find yourselves in. There’s sure not an easy answer, but remember that churches of all sizes need musicians of all talent levels. I’m a decent piano/keys player, and I do just fine in my own church, but I may not make the grade at a Buckhead or a Saddleback.

  3. August 11, 2008 at 5:54 pm

    Thanks for posting … I appreciate you jumping in and being a part of the Sunday Setlists thing .. it’s growing every week, and I’m hearing lots of positive things … seeing bloggers connected to other bloggers, worship leaders connected to other worship leaders, etc …


    See u next week!
    For the Kingdom,
    Fred McKinnon

  4. August 12, 2008 at 11:24 pm

    No problem Fred, consider me a regular now!

    Rick, I’ve pondered over answering your comment. I will because I’m hoping we’re on the same page but I can’t agree with saying that “all talent levels” are needed. If you’re an awful musician or a musician just starting out that doesn’t know your instrument that well, I don’t care how big or small a church is, I don’t think you should be playing up front. It’s painfully distracting and possibly disrupting.
    NOW, some churches take the approach of hiring “professional” musicians in hopes of improving excellence. Those churches may in face have a higher level of talent than others, perhaps. That I can agree with you on.

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