Music/Movie Review: David Crowder*Band Remedy Club Tour

Not nearly as surprising at the result of the Remedy Club Tour Edition as I was with The Bright Sadness, but NO LESS satisfied. I mean I have seen the Crowder*Band live at the House of Blues on the Remedy Tour and on Monday night in theaters and have seen Crowder I think at least every year for like the past 6 years! Therefore, I knew to expect greatness from the live recording CD. Especially since the Passion live CDs are always done so magnificently. This live CD/DVD does not fall short. If anything, it’s perfection is almost nauseating! Hahaha!

So allow me to jump right on the DVD: chock a block full o’ goodies! Besides having all the live concert footage there’s also a Behind the Scenes on the Road montage (as if we needed to know that the Crowder*Band had more personality than already comes oozing out of them onstage 🙂 One good thing to know is that the band is actually big fans of Pearl Jam! ME TOO! It really is worth the watch. I think Crowder does a great job unpacking what it is they are all about and trying to do. 

As well as a Learning the Songs that is like getting a one on one private session from each of the members of the band for most of the songs that are on the CD/DVD! I mean craptastic that is incredible! Who does that?!? Did you read that correctly? Yes, I said EACH of the members of the band! Crowder sits down with you for each song of the CD and the rest hit the main spots but the coverage of the tunes are pretty impressive! Plus, it’s really cool to see the gear and stuff for all us gear heads lusting out in the audience! I ATE UP THAT MESS UP!! Especially since if my Uncle Bob still has his electric violin up for grabs then my Christmas present is under wraps, but I don’t know how to play one so this is like Christmas come early!

Let me also just say that I thought Crowder was funny but Jack is the most hysterically dry funny man I never knew existed 🙂

It truly is a must have for any Crowder fan as well as those aspiring musicians looking to emulate their favorite worship band. 

David Crowder*Band Remedy Live CD/DVD


3 Responses to “Music/Movie Review: David Crowder*Band Remedy Club Tour”

  1. August 20, 2008 at 12:41 pm

    arg…dude you are quick..
    ill have this one up in a day too…and yeah the dvd extras were killer

  2. August 20, 2008 at 1:13 pm

    I’m going to order mine this weekend!! Can’t wait to see it considering he NEVER comes to upstate NY.

  3. August 24, 2008 at 1:08 am

    enjoyed it. Looking forward to checking out what the band members do on the tracks on the DVD.

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