Summer’s Funeral

My posts lately make it seem that all I do is sit around and listen to music all day…wait…I do that! Ha. Well, we’ve been having some intensely awesome youth afternoons lately and it’s because of them that I’ve been so busy. So for all you Youth people out there…get a load of this: 


I know, it sounds like a ton of fun already. I know, I don’t need to say anything more, you’re laughing already! I get how hilarious it does NOT sound 🙂 So let me explain, my kids at the beginning of the summer tossed out all kinds of suggestions on what they’d like to do at youth and one of them was: theme days! Then, a children’s director at a conference said, “We did something wacky at our old church: we had a funeral!” I didn’t really know what she meant by that but it came to me that it could be an incredible way to have a ton of fun at the end of the Summer! We basically took the elements of a funeral and had a ton of fun with it. Here’s what you need: 


  • Funeral arrangements before the event notifying them of the funeral and to respectively wear black and bring flowers. 
  • A guestbook for the students to sign when they come in. 
  • A wall of pictures from all the events of the summer. 
  • A video montage from all the events of the summer is nice. 
  • A time for students to share their highs and lows of the Summer, what they loved, what they learned, etc. Warning: this will take a LOT of time, but it’s a blasty! Hahaha. 
  • A coffin (don’t worry, it’s just a plastic box that’s really a time capsule but coffin sounds creepy!) 
  • Some worship songs having to do with Salvation or Death or Heaven.
  • A “eulogy” (again don’t worry, it’s just your message for the night!)
  • A bunch of memorabilia from the summer to place in the coffin.
  • A hole dug somewhere on your church property! 


And voila: you’ve got yourself a Summer Funeral! A great sense of comedic sarcasm mixed with the right amount of tact and professionalism is the key to a successful afternoon. Because here’s what you’re doing, you’re creating a wildly bizarre experience that helps them remember all the incredible things you’ve done over the past 3 months! It’s all about remembering and memorializing the time spent between last school year and this year. You KNOW the first things teachers, students, counselors are all going to ask: SOOO WHAT DID YOU DO THIS SUMMER!?! Guess what you just did? Not only have you helped them remember all incredible things you’ve done this summer the week before they start back to school but also just given them one more thing to talk about! 

One of the cool things we did was print off 160+ photos and tacked them onto this portable wall we have. During one of the montage pieces I gave the students the opportunity to view the wall and take the pictures and place them in the “coffin” or bring them home and keep them! That was a ton of fun and they enjoyed it alot! The time capsule then holds all these pictures, the guest book, and all the other various keepsakes you might have collected from the summer! 

The Picture Wall


The Coffin


The Funeral Director and his mourners!


4 Responses to “Summer’s Funeral”

  1. August 22, 2008 at 11:02 pm

    Love it! What a great idea! Mind if I share it on our network blog at http://rapidcityyouth.com?

  2. August 22, 2008 at 11:40 pm

    Not at all. Go ahead. I should say, I’m working on what we did the following Sunday. It was a huge celebration: Fall Festivus! So, we did the Summer Funeral and then invited everyone back for the Fall Festivus after they’d just started school to celebrate and invite their friends.

  3. 3 Donna
    August 24, 2008 at 8:52 pm

    Conner that’s why you rock!!!!!!!!!!!! How I wish I was 15 again and had some an awesome, long haired, rockstar for a youth guy!

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