LifeShare 7 Day Challenge Hijack

So my postings for tonight just got hijacked by an incredible movement happening over at RagamuffinSoul and LifeChurch.TV. I just finished joining 100+ other bloggers and such for a live stream/chat with Los and the guys of LifeChurch.TV. Here’s what’s going down in a nutshell: what if an online community joined together and tried to make a difference using the various social networks at our fingertips? 

For the next 7 days there will be 5 various ways to get involved and share the love of Jesus to your friends, followers, and online community! I get asked all the time: “Why do you blog?” and there are a dozen reasons WHY but probably none more purposeful or satisfying than something like this! This is something creative and new and I encourage you to get involved! 

QuestionWhat am I really being asked to do?!?!

Answer: SHARE.

  1. Share your experience! Get the word out on your social networks! Participation is key!
  2. Share your space! Embed the Mogulus player, create a banner, twitter, anything!
  3. Share His message! Let’s use these platforms for something bigger than ourselves.
  4. Share your story! If you’ve got a webcam of some sort it’ll be even better but we want to share our stories. 
  5. Share your life! Let’s get out there on other people’s time and get uncomfortable with those around us and really get involved in our communities!

You first need to get connected because it started tonight! Click here to sign up for more communication regarding the next 7 days. 

Second: Click here to contribute and share your experiences resulting from the 7 Day Challenge! 

Third: Plug this schedule into your dayplanner, iPhone, Crackberry, calendar whatever! It’s the times groups will be gathering together live to discuss their progress here

  • Wednesday, Sept. 17 @ 8pm CST
  • Thurs. @ 8pm 
  • Fri @ 11am
  • Sat @ 11am
  • Sun @ 8pm
  • Mon @ 11am
  • Tues off
  • Wed @ 8pm

Fourth: Comment below and let me know you’re in! I can’t wait to see what’s about to happen here!

Hey while you’re at it, go comment and participate in my Hello Love giveaway 🙂


1 Response to “LifeShare 7 Day Challenge Hijack”

  1. September 18, 2008 at 12:54 am

    This is going to be an awesome thing. I can just feel it. By day 7, even the skeptics will be celebrating it.

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