Jesus Butter – Spread the Love

I must be delirious because somewhere after Los’ live video worship and between Rich’s prayer time and Brandon’s wrap up, I began thinking of how to blog my thoughts and had an image of a banner/logo of a bucket of butter called Jesus Butter with the caption: Spread the Love! 

HAHAHA. I couldn’t concentrate after that. I just kept laughing over and over again 🙂 Maybe it’s because I hate those canned corny sayings on church billboards that I drive by and this is so great it’s awful!

But here’s the deal: today has been a Jesus jam packed day! And yeah, that’s the corniest thing I’ve said all day but I just don’t care! I love it!

  • I return the fun jump at the crack of dawn this morning and swing back to the house to pick up the family and spend all morning at church
  • 9AM service – Chloe shows the result of staying up to watch the end of the LSU game after and all day party and sleeps through church with me and Rae
  • 10:45 svc – Back in church again with the Youth and then in for Youth discussion and Small Group. 
  • Youth highlight – heavy topic about forgiveness! It was great to have students asking questions about forgiveness and how to do it and what it means! 
  • Noon – post wedding celebration for our newly married worship leader/associate pastor
  • 2:30 – I fall asleep in the lounge chair reading my lesson for Youth for that afternoon
  • 3:30 – back to church
  • 4pm – kids are arriving and it’s great to see everyone not bummed/burnt out from a hurricane
  • 4:31 – Elevation & Impact kick off. Our High school and Middle school ministries (respectively.) Tonight’s talk was on how we’re to handle feelings of regret. David’s affair with Bathsheeba is used an illustration as well as John Mayer’s song My Stupid Mouth. Students again are very candid about discussing how they deal and have dealt with regret in their lives! It is amazing! 
  • 5:50 – I take my phone off Airplane mode and get 2 texts back to back. 1 is from a student headed to the ER and 1 is from my wife saying Chloe is throwing up. 
  • 5:52 – I end Youth and leave my volunteers in charge while I burn rubber to get home! 
  • At home I find a tired and cranky 3 year old but one that is now keeping down some solids. I also get a text that my student is going home tonight so THANK YOU JESUS.
  • 8pm – Chloe, Rae, and I tune in to LifeShare live. I introduce Chloe to Brandon on the screen. She keeps asking me to “Talk to him Daddy!” I laugh and tell her that I can’t because he’s on the screen and I have to type to him. She looks and me quite confusedly and turns back to the monitor and goes: “HELLO!” and then back to me as if I’m the 3 year old and she’s the adult! 
  • 8:15pm – incredible time of worship with Los and 100+ others online. It’s truly amazing what is happening all over the internet through this movement! Thank you JESUS!!!
  • Brandon challenges us to get the name of Jesus out over our various social networks and immediately my iPhone begins vibrating! The twitter network gets saved! Facebook has a revival. Myspace shuts down! HAHAHA. A beautiful thing erupts across the interweb! 
  • 10pm – I sit back in the lounge chair quite exhausted and realize it’s been an amazing day. Thank you Jesus! 

What about you? How was your day? What are you spreading around with your time and energy?

Jesus Butter is low in cholesterol and fatty acids. It also helps prevents gum disease and gingivitis. Side effects of Jesus Butter include spontaneous laughter, uncontrollable conviction, undying compassion for the needy, zeal for truth, passionate desire to spread Jesus Butter on others. 

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