Jury Duty Answered Prayer

I find God working in the small things of our lives. If you don’t, perhaps you need to look a bit deeper. 

Since I graduated college and began work in the ‘real world.’ I’ve actually been lured to what most dread: Jury duty! It’s been 5 years since I graduated and no jury duty…until now! I got my summons to appear to the Old State Capitol downtown to potentially serve my 5 days. Ironically, I DREADED IT! It’s budget season here at the church and I have a TON to prepare. My biggest retreat is next weekend (I already have 25 signed up) AND I’m on the worship team that’s playing that weekend so jury duty this week would be disastrous! 

I’m in a conundrum! Do I weasel, lie, phone in favors to get out of jury duty? Do I suck it up and go through with it and then live in utter chaos for the next 5 days?
Well I went through with it and showed up this morning…on time even! It was tempting all the way through the welcome and intro video for me to pop up and give any number of “white lies” that had popped up into my brain as to why I’d be an inappropriate juror. I had some good ones too! Then I simply had a character check. I told God that I did not want to lie or pull strings to get out of this but I really didn’t want to do jury duty this week and despite everything within me to hop up and plead my case, I stayed seated. 

The moderator then proceeded to tell the 100 or so of us in there that we’d be separated into 3 groups. 2/3rds of the room were to continue the process for criminal cases and there was a small group of us to handle the civil case of the week. She asked us to look at our papers and if we had a purple sheet then we are the civil case group. Then these amazing words came out of her mouth: 

And for those who are part of the Civil case, we have no Civil case this week so you are dismissed!

She had to say it twice because we kind of sat there stunned! 

Was it luck that I happened to choose the seat I did that morning? 
Was it luck that I happened to take the top packet that held the purple sheet instead of the bottom packet?
Was it luck that she chose purple as the color for Civil this week?

I don’t believe in luck. I thank God that in this small, trivial way maybe He answered my prayer as I tried to handle this situation with integrity and submission.  

Thank you Jesus.


3 Responses to “Jury Duty Answered Prayer”

  1. September 22, 2008 at 1:57 pm

    man, that is awesome. a great reminder for us all. like abraham, you were willing to sacrifice so God provided.

  2. 2 Paul
    October 2, 2008 at 4:10 pm

    I feel as you do about making accussts about “MY Duty” to the court system. I’m a born again christian and my feelings are that Only God can do the judging. Where in the bible does it say to sentence a person to jail or 25 years to life in prison.
    I feel that it’s not my place to. How to tell them at the court house that. Now my wife goes each time they call on her (She not born-again) and doesn’t see my point of view. Maybe I’m wrong could you set me straight.

  3. October 2, 2008 at 11:14 pm

    Hmm…not sure Paul. I’m not sure you and I actually do feel the same way about Jury Duty. I actually have WANTED to serve. I agree that God is the ultimate judge, however I do know the Bible speaks often about submitting to authority and the rulers that have been established. I don’t know if there’s anything inherently wrong with serving on jury duty and helping the legal system enforce stability in the community.
    I see more of jury duty enforcing the laws of cause and effect or helping people realize the consequences of their action.
    I may not have it all correct but I’m trying to work through it. I appreciate your comment that has me thinking about it more deeply.

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