LifeShare Day of Prayer

I guess it could be called LifePrayer maybe? 

I received this in my inbox this morning. I hope you join in with us as we take a break today from meeting online and pray.

As participants in LifeShare today we are committing ourselves to prayer.  Thank you to the early risers who have already covered LifeShare with your prayers during the wee hours. Obviously God is leading every detail of this event and He will lead you to pray accordingly.   Here are some topics that have come to light during our time together to help guide us.


  • Pray for diligence and creativity in using “our spaces” on the web to make them His spaces
  • Pray for the sick, the poor, the orphan, and the widow
  • Pray for social injustice, that the crooked path would be made straight
  • Pray for government leaders at every level, in every country
  • Pray for your circle of influence: For yourself, your family, your friends, and your church
  • Pray that online ministry would lead out in “Big C” Church


Father God I pray for the person reading this email today. God I thank you so much that they know you and that they are interested and engaged in making You known.  Father I pray for their heart.  I pray that their connection with You would grow stronger today.  Being in Your presence would be the norm and not something that feels distant.  I pray for their family.  For support and unity and encouragement to them and from them.  I pray that those close to them would know you or discover Your grace in the days ahead.  Father fill them with Your joy and bring Your Kingdom to bear in their life.  I pray this in the powerful and healing name of Jesus..


1 Response to “LifeShare Day of Prayer”

  1. 1 martin foday
    October 25, 2008 at 8:10 am

    Please remember me in your prayers for God’s favour, protection and financial blessing.

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