The Return of The Office! Weight Loss

One of the more enjoyable things I used to do here on my blog was to discuss the funniest show on American television: The Office. 

If you love The Office and all things Office related, stop by on Fridays to discuss/recap/share favorite lines from the previous night’s episode. Here are mine:


I don’t know if it’s because it’s been so loong since I’ve had some Jam or Dwangela or Dwangely or Darylly or just MICHAEL that this episode was just that great or if it truly was an episode of greatness! Either way, the hour time length was totally worth it and I loved it! 

We did not have our usual month lag time as if real time has happened since last we touch based with our Office personnel, so that was great! It had hilarious friction between Andy-Angela-Dwight. Hilarious tension between Michael and Holly. It was hilarious! There were some great laugh out loud moments and just some pleasing things happen this episode!

I think what I loved the most was how the camera crew was treated! I think they got more attention in this episode than we’ve seen in entire seasons! I loved Jim giving them the slip and the little winks and nods they got all episode long.

Coming in close second was Holly finding out that Kevin was in fact NOT Mentally Challenged! Oh wow. I wondered how long they could keep that schtick up! It was fun while it lasted though 🙂

Obviously, NBC or The Office crew are huge Apple fans! Like the product placement of the iPod for the Christmas episode, the MacBooks got HUGE plugs this episode! 

My stomach turns every time Jan walks in.
My stomach turns every time I see Ryan but at least it makes for laughs.

Here are my thoughts and quotes as I watched. 

Thoughts & Quotes

Oh God, Pam and Jim are NOT engaged and Andy and Angela are still engaged! 

Dwight’s nod to the camera crew after “emerging with Angela” 🙂

Because Holly is kind of a major dork! – Jim


I just bought some bikinis online. Size 2. So…I’m going to look a-mazing! – Kelly

Wait back up. Do you think that I’m retarded? – Kevin

That’s how I sleep at night! – Angela


Pam’s talking head via the MacBook Pro!

Look at that goatee! 

I once went 28 years without having sex…and then another 7. – Michael

Obesetity. – Michael! HAHA

OH GET ‘EM JIM! HAHAHA. Tricking the camera crew! That was genius! 

GOOOOO-TEA. – Michael


You go Stanley! 


5 Responses to “The Return of The Office! Weight Loss”

  1. September 25, 2008 at 11:32 pm

    I was cracking up over all the apple plugs. It seemed Jim had a mac, and then suddenly was stranded in PC land to do his work. So what is that saying for Macs? Good enough for iChat, not good enough for Sales?

    Was a great, yet painful show.

  2. September 26, 2008 at 10:40 am

    Haha yeah. I thought it was hilarious too in the sea of PCs, that Jim busts out a MBP to iChat with Pam! The best though was at Pam’s college, you could barely see the students past all the MacBooks and MBPs on the desks!

    What was more painful:
    Angela continually slutting around with Dwight in the midst of Andy’s desire to please
    The look on Holly’s face when Michael tears up those tickets?! HAHA. Perfect! I so thought Michael was gonna pull a smooth one: buy the tickets and take the girl. Perfect build and then WHAMO – typical Michael 🙂 Hilarious.

  3. 4 Ali
    September 27, 2008 at 11:13 pm

    I can’t believe you didn’t even mention Toby. Poor poor Toby!

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