My First Presidential Debate

So between creating a Marble Run, introducing Gavin to his first drum, bathing Chloe and trying to find a male-male cable connector, I watched my first ever Presidential debate.

I don’t know if this is a landmark race for the Presidency? am I finally maturing and caring about politics? is it because there’s so much of an online buzz and I’m “on the bandwagon?” but for some reason, this year I’ve actually taken an interest in politics. I was hoping for a bit more from tonight’s debate. I missed the first 30 minutes but what I heard seemed to be much of the same topic and discussion over and over again. What would have really helped me is if instead of running UFC 75 after the debate, that they run it throughout the debate. Maybe even in one of those picture in picture kind of things 🙂 

Here’s the deal: I’m trying to get into the issues and find out where the candidates stand but I have a problem. Obama comes off as a true “politician” to me sometimes. Like he knows what to say, how to say it, where to look, how to hold his hand, and what to say for me to like him but comes across sometimes like he’s trying to win me over. I heard a few times, ironically an awfully overused Christian saying: walk the walk and talk the talk. Obama (and Clinton for that matter) Talk THE Talk but uh… I just don’t know if I trust him. 

Argh…this is so hard. I wish Big John McCarthy had raised one of their hands at the end of the thing and Bruce Buffer announced a winner for us tonight! Might make things a bit easier for me.

Update: I just went over to http://www.whoshouldyouvotefor.com and not only do I feel TRULY ignorant but I realize I have much further to go before understanding what I’m talking about. Although I wish they didn’t phrase things like “You would NOT rather be for decriminalization…” um…wait a minute. But they tell me I should vote for McCain.


1 Response to “My First Presidential Debate”

  1. September 26, 2008 at 11:16 pm

    I honestly think McCain won. Obama, ya mamma, seemed lost. I wonder if they gathered in the back room, held hands and prayed together . . . . lol!

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