Musician Spotlight Jake Smith Band

If your a local then you should be heading over to the Varsity Theatre tonight to check out one of our local prodigies. Hopefully, you’ve already been exposed to Jake but if you’ve been living in a barrel then don’t miss out. 
For all you out of townies, truck over to his site and allow me to introduce you to Jake. If I may rip right out of a recent interview he had with the Varsity Theatre:

a band that embodies the richness and eclecticism of the New Orleans culture. A fusion of funk, soul, R&B and rock blend harmoniously to create the sounds unique to a band named for the front man himself, Jake Smith

 That’s just a beautiful statement and description of why I love this band so much. There are certain ‘cats’ who have this style vocally and musically that make you jealous of why they were given so much soul and talent. Jake falls into that category! His recordings are fun and eclectic but there is nothing like his live shows! Fluid, fun, tight, and incredible. I think Real got a little too polished for me, however, that’s not really a “bad” thing when you look at it. His new EP recaptures some of the magic when you strip down some of his songs and Jake’s ability to shine when there isn’t a full band accompanying him. 

Head over and tap your feet to Can’t Save Your Soul, Make Me Move, and What I Plan to Do. Swoon over These Things and Real Love. Get some insight into what Jake’s trying to do through Outro. Then there’s always favorites like Get Up and Shady (Crazy.) 

I’ll go ahead and just say “Your Welcome!” 

Jake, these are the wonderful folks at Worship City.
Worship City, this is Jake!

Video link.

Jake Smith concert details at The Varsity Oct. 9th $8 in advance and $10 at the door. Doors open at 8pm and show starts at 9pm. Songs will be stuck in your head until the end of the weekend.


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